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FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:HIPAA Workers' Comp Exception

Treatment obtained during workers' compensation that is directly related to the workplace injury may be exempted from the HIPPA Privacy Rule. If a covered entity treats the individual, that entity is permitted to disclose that individual's health information as necessary and to the extent permitted by workers' compensation laws. Covered entitles can also release information as necessary with the patient's explicit authorization to do so. Additionally, individuals cannot request, and do not have the right, to tell a covered entity not to share his or her personal health information if it is required to be disclosed as part of the workers' compensation law.

Workers' Comp & HIPAA Rules | Florida http://www.ehow.com/about_5494607_worker...z0u9VQDSLO

Thank you! That makes sense. Reporting his stalking is a delicate subject as we both work in code enforcement and work with and among all local/state police agencies on a daily basis. Also with budget cuts being implimented Oct 1st, rocking the boat might cost me my job. I love my job and they know it.

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RE: FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA - Aviatrix - 07-19-2010, 01:52 PM

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