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FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:One thing you need to know, if the picture doesn't surface, and it gets deleted, there is no evidence of it ever happening. So, the ball is in that persons park. If they delete it, there isn't nothing your going to do about it. I'm sure, this person has been told to delete it, and made sure it wasn't sent out. Leaving no trace of it. If it was sent out, I'm sure those people will be told to delete it also. The employer knows how to get around that.

I have a text from him where he acknowledged that he took the pic and attached it a reply text but I couldn't open the pic. I've told him several times to text it to a friends number. He said he didn't know how to do that and still hasn't sent the pic but says he still has it. He's also made allegations that I was mowing my yard & riding my motorcycle. My bike is in another state. What he SAW was my friend's bike in my driveway while SHE mowed the yard. (we have the same physical features). Then yesterday I "run into him" at the grocery store. I want to go back to work and I'm just following Drs orders, their Dr not mine. Freaks me out that he apparently is watching me.

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RE: FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA - Aviatrix - 07-19-2010, 01:32 PM

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