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FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA
I work for a county gov't in Florida, was injured on the job 1 month ago and hopefully the Dr. will release me back to work Monday on light duty.
My question is how much info, if any, do I have to give my direct supervisor about my medical condition/treatment/meds other than what is covered on the Status Reporting Form from THEIR physician and PT? Not only has he been accusing me of not being injured enough to have been off work, but he showed up at the hospital after I had surgery. I am a female and was in the hospital for 6 days after two hand surgeries. My supervisor admitted he came to the hospital (on county time) to see me, but I was asleep and, not wanting to wake me, took my picture with his cell phone. That seems very creepy to me and he still has not given me the photo but admits he still has it in his phone. What right does he or my employer have to "visit" me at home, hospital, Drs Office, etc. I want the least amount of contact possible.

Thank you

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FL - privacy & medical records & HIPPA - Aviatrix - 07-16-2010, 09:41 PM

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