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WC benefits are subject to UI benefit offsets.(Louisiana)
Hello-What dose it mean UI benefit offsets , maybe (unemployment ins.) and what is that. And how dose that come into play after the WC benefits are subject to UI benefit offsets? Louisiana Law 520 weeks of SEB. Now on TTD.
Social Security retirement, some other contributory pension payments, or severance benefits.These reductions of UI benefits are often referred to as “offsets,” since the other types of income or benefits are offset against UI benefits. State practices vary widely on the specific kinds of non-wage income that is used to offset UI benefits.


Offset Provisions in State Laws
Section 1225--Permanent total disability benefits payable under the Act will be reduced for those recipients who are also receiving Federal OASDI benefits. This reduction is to be made only to the extent that the amount of the combined Federal and State workers' compensation benefits would otherwise cause or result in a reduction of the Federal benefits pursuant to the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C., Section 424a).

Section 1225-B--No compensation will be paid for temporary or permanent total disability or supplemental earnings benefits during any week in which the employee is receiving or entitled to receive unemployment compensation benefits.
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Thanks ,again.

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