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Myelogram done today
Welp I had the Myelogram done today and it sucked bad!!! He hit a nerve going in and it hurt really really bad. Then while getting me off the table back on the gurney my whole lower back down both side of my legs spasmed and they herd some very colorful words come out of me. Now I am laying down and my left leg it twitching bad, kinda funny but not really.I thought going in this was done under some kind of relaxant well I thought wrong just a local.
Live for Today, Love for Today, Laugh for Today.
Yep, I had 2 of them, keep your head up, so the chemicals don't go up to your brain, and drink tons of water to flush it from your system.
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yes I am reclining on my couch and I have drank about a gallon of water so far today but will continue to drink it.
Live for Today, Love for Today, Laugh for Today.
Ok this sucks I woke up this morning and can barley walk man alive. The Doctor did a number on me yesterday when he hit that nerve My right leg which I normally dont have issues with hurts just as bad as the Left leg now Hopefully it will ease up in the nnext few days.
Live for Today, Love for Today, Laugh for Today.
I feel for you bro I had that done to me to and it truly suck's I was living on tap water and red bull for 3 weeks

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