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Settlement/Serious Concerns About Agreement
Ohio Here,

Hi Everyone,

I had R and L foot injuries July, 2008. I spent all of 2009 in Industrial Court Hearings. I had a claim for TTD on my R foot and PPD on my L foot. IC awarded me damages/medical/physical therapy on both feet. My last IC hearing was Aug 2009.

I received settlement papers from my attorney to sign today. After reading them, I flipped out. I have some serious concerns about what the company wants me to agree to.

1. No future medical ( I don't have a problem with that) I am glad to get rid of this problem, and I can live with some pain.

2. Termination Of Employment and that I agree to never apply at any of their companies, parents, subsidiaries, or divisions.

First of all I was grandfathered over from one Temporary service to another Temporary Company, because the client wanted me to keep working for them, I worked Temporary with another Company for almost 2 yrs before being Grandfathered over. When asked to do this I did not fill out an employment application. 6 months after the injury on the job, I was not healing so my doctor removed me from work to heal for 8 weeks. When my doctor released me back into the work force, I was informed the assignment had ended. I continue calling and emailing the Temporary Service for work, and they would not return my calls. So I filed for unemployment and was awarded it. The Temp did not fight it, I showed proof that I tried contacting them for work Now they want me to agreed that I was terminated, as part of the settlement agreement

2. They want me to release the company from filing any type of complaint against anyone working for their company.

3. They want me to sign a release that I won't file an age discrimination suit against them.

I am confused, How can they terminate me and I haven't work for them since Nov 2008? Only thing I am willing to agreed to regarding the settlement is no medical.

Please my friends, I need some guidance. I am not sure about my attorney. What is all this other stuff doing in the settlement paper work. Is it normal for them to ask for all the above?

Thank you

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Settlement/Serious Concerns About Agreement - Netta - 06-23-2010, 09:29 PM

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