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have a question
I have had this same discussion for a few years now with many people of where this change began. How kids lost respect for their parents, their elders, the police? How parents lost control of their right to parent for fear of kids threatening to call 911 for "child abuse" etc. Kids walk the streets with knives and worse...both parents work to keep up with the Jones' to provide their kids with the newest and latest technology. It seems that everybody is everywhere yet nobody is together anymore with computers, blackberry's,I phones, etc. I feel so bad ( I have no kids but am very active in my nieces and nephews lives 6 of them ages 21 down to 1)

WE have to much. What happened to the simple life? no cell phones? no 500 cable channels? no designer clothes to choose from? no 20 different video consoles to buy? no $150 nike sneakers? nothing to have to keep up with, to compete for, have the best of...

I used to fear my mother who is 5 ft tall and about 100 lbs. When she said "get over here" I ran to her like my feet were on fire. Where did we lose that fear?......I don't know, maybe I have it all wrong...I never dressed that way, probably because I knew I would get my A** smacked a few times if I did!!
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Sonny one thing that has changed.................teachers in the schools are not allowed to disciple students.
I am not talking about the physical part of discipline, I am talking about the words they speak to children have to be sugar coated. If the wrong word enters the conversation the teacher is at risk of being fired for disciplined.
I agree, to a point well atleast where I live.. As I child I was a well behaved child, at least 90% of the time.. Never once dis respected my parents, it took afew from the belt to figure that one out.. As a child we were not to question thier reasons and frankly it was what it was.. I never had many new clothes going through school, hand-me-downs from my older cousins. And at the time I had no problem until I reached 7th grade when most of the private school kids were jammed in ours.. Then the name calling, teachers favored the richer class students.

I know where I went wrong, many of these things I didnt want my son to have to go through. He didnt get the best, but the best I could afford. It wasnt until later I realized what i didnt want him to go through had made him into a more spoiled expecting without earning...

As far as the teachers, they abso;utely made a big mistake not allowing some kind of inschool punishment by the teacher.. There was a few teachers that went over board, but when they said it was wrong to humiliate, sit in the corner, wear the dunce hat. It opened a whole new trend, now they dont even try to make the kids behave. Now your sent to the principle and the school cop writes a citation to apear in court.. And which is presented by school administration, juvinile case workers, and they decide the punishment.......... Once a child here gets in that situation, they never get out of the system.......
Bronoco I taught for 10 yrs in an Early Childhood Program. As teachers we are not allowed to discipline a child thanks to state a federal laws.

If a teacher were to use the to "old" fashion form of discipline; not only would they find themself out of a job, but they would also find themself in jail.

With my mom it was her words, (what she said & how she said it) that made the difference.

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