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Good news, WC doc wants to see me, review MRI
Yes, we've heard the story.

Bummer Knees Wrote:I believe Body Builder can best answer this.

In my situation I saw 13 doctors all on the left knee, and all said I needed a total knee replacement. A couple of doctors used the age factor (to Young) but all said the replacement was needed.
Laughing, yes you have!
The swelling, bone spurs and chondromalacia was only 3 things he mentioned on the report. There were other things mentioned on the report that he didn't ad.

I have 3 doctors agreeing that a unicompartmental replacement is what is needed. This is the first time that this doctor has ever found anything wrong whatsoever.

Bummer I called our 'lawyer' and asked for an appointment to be set up. He seemed quite happy with the letter. Respondent expected my doctor to agree with them instead he wants to see me again.

It's the greek doctor in town, Pappad---- at advanced orthopedics. He's an a-hole but border-line cute.
ahhhhhhhhhhh but does he know his stuff?...My surgeon was old and had no bedside manner but a darn good surgeon....alas he retired about 18 months after my surgery...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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