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Good news, WC doc wants to see me, review MRI
Hi All,

Finally, good news, my WC doc who basically has blown me off for over a year by telling me my pain was off compared to my ex-ray wants to see me and review my MRI films.

Why? He's concerned after getting a copy of the MRI report that showed a large joint effusion with moderate spurring and high-grade chondromalacia.

Very good news for me, bad news for respondent. Finally after over a year with this doc he finally agrees with me. I see operating room lights in my near future.

This makes my day, month, etc.
please tell me in words I can understand what is chondromalacia?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Degeneration of cartilage in the knee, usually caused by excessive wear between the patella and lower end of the femur.
Not much surgical options for advanced chondromalacia, maybe fix tracking angle or debride the surface some. Knee pain generally persists. Has your VMO muscle atrophied ?
Cycler she also has joint space narrowing of the knee, and is needing a total knee replacement.
Body Builder What doctor will you be seeing, Dr Est or Dr P?

When is this appointment?
And that is not chondromalacia.

Bummer Knees Wrote:Cycler she also has joint space narrowing of the knee, and is needing a total knee replacement.
The chondromalacia is in addition to the joint space narrowing.
so what ? It's not an indication for knee replacement. Just a wear and tear phenomena; i.e the spurring. It does hurt however, especially down steps. Although knee replacement is curative for chondromalacia. SO maybe it's time ?
I believe Body Builder can best answer this.

In my situation I saw 13 doctors all on the left knee, and all said I needed a total knee replacement. A couple of doctors used the age factor (to Young) but all said the replacement was needed.

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