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Just stop, please stop.

This forum is for friends, comfort, understanding and answers. Not for attacks, singling out, pointing fingers.

If you find yourself becoming so involved that you're attacking people seeking answers then perhaps it's time to withdraw for awhile.

If one person's posts just rub you the wrong way then don't respond to the posts.

Look around, see who's not here anymore. See who rarely posts anymore, do you ever wonder why.

Friends, comfort, understanding and answers, that's what the 'off topic' is suppose to be.

Just stop
Thank you Body Builder, well said.
"Friends, comfort, understanding and answers, that's what the 'off topic' is suppose to be."

It is ?
Cycler, please stop shaking the tree.
yes BB very well said..what i cant understand is how ppl can enjoy hurting other ppl's fealings..not very good ppl in my oppinion

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