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What a day!!!!
It all started out well, and about 90 miles away from home my truck broke down.....Late deliveries today.... It appears the fuel pump quit working, (and on a sunday in that neck of the woods there is nothing open for parts) We did the old redneck tradition around here (very illegal) hooked up a chain and towed that bugger.. We took every back road/ dirt roads we could, we got lucky no cops....Whhheee, took almost 3 hours to get it home and have been in a vehicle for 12 hours, pain meds take me away.... I'm hurting today and that truck can sit there for a while untill my pain calms down in a day or 2... I have a back up truck for this reason but if that goes down, I'm in big trouble...... This is another thing wc dont take in consideration, I have to maintain my equipment. And as many of you guys and some gals know that alone can be difficult with injuries.........
So sorry, Hasen't your company heard that Sunday is to be a day of rest. LOL guess not...... Well you better stretch out, have a cold one and rest, You sound like you are going to need it.

PS I did get stopped Friday just a block from home, No ticket, just a warning.....

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