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Murder Chatges Filed
As y'all are aware from an earlier post from March/April this year, our grandson (Randy and I) was murdered in one of the worst child abuse cases to be seen in Harvey County, KS.

It's been a tough blow for all the family, but some justice was served today when the person responsible for his death was formally charged with felony first degree murder, along with 4 other charges of child abuse and in a separate case, 16 charges of child pornography. His bail has been raised to $300,000 and if convicted of the felony murder charge, he is facing life in prison with parole after 20.

We still aren't exactly sure what the cause of his death was, other than blunt force trauma and asphixiation (not sure if this was caused due to damage to wind pipe or if the SOB strangled or smothered him).

Now comes the hard part. Sitting and waiting for the SOB to be brought to trial. Unless he wimps out and makes a plea bargain. But I don't think he will, or he would have been singing long before now. Randy and I plan on being in the courtroom for every minute of the trial.

Thank y'all for your love and support through this. It's been hard on us both.

Angel ^j^ Smile
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UA, I really don't know what to say, but trust me, all of you, family and all are in our prayers here.
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You & Randy are in my prayers, so is Ricky, I think of him a lot.

I will send you links to local news stories on Vincent.
Angel, I'm so Sorry for Your Loss and if This Man is Convicted I would Say Death would be the Punishment He Deserves, but not with what He will have in Store for Him. 3 Things the Gangs in Prison won't Tolerate are Women Beaters, Women Killers, and Most of All Child Molesters and Killers! I know it's not a Consolation for You, but Every Day He is in that Prison He will have to be Watching His Back, and His Life will be a Living He**! And I doubt He would even Make the 20 to be Eligible for Parole, but if He Makes it that Far, You can Testify Against His Release, and I'm Sure the Parole Board wouldn't need Much to Turn His Parole Down!!Wink
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lets just hope this S.O.B gets what he deserves and never see's the light of day again..if this judge gives him the chance of any parole it would be a travisty...ty for letting me say my peice that was one of the hardest thing ive ever had to read angel..hope you and your hubby are dealing with this a lil better take care
Hun If you need anything please PM me. I missed this entire thread until this point. I don't remember reading about this, but was off the forum for awhile. My family also lost someone to murder so I know what you are going through. Have you contacted Victims Rights in your area? You may want to PM me about this, since your family may be eligible for money to help out with any expenses. Unfortunately this will not bring your poor sweet Grandson back but it may help. Again my heart is crying for your entire family.
Hugs for justice

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