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I told you that the games would start!
Spring, I've only scratched the Surface of what they've done to me over these last Three Years!! When I'm not Hurting so Bad and if you Folks want to read a Novel, I may Post my whole situation so you can see what I've been dealing with! I can Barely Walk Right Now, and they still keep coming at me with Full Force!! A Total of 9 Ortho. and Neuro. Surgeons combined, along with my PCP and SSDI on my first try, at the Age of 43 then, (In 3mos./3wks., with no Attorney and on my first try, with no other Medical Problems) has deemed me Disabled, but yet they still continue to try and Beat me into Submission! I have not exaggerated one bit of the Proof I have, and they just keep coming! Hopefully this will be my Last Hearing, but I doubt it, they will Probably find another Loophole to try and nail me with!! Oh Well, I'm Rambling and in Pain, so I'll let you Guys and gals know what the Dr. says Tomorrow! Rest Easy and Be Well!!!Wink
Still...when you have time, I would like to hear your story. I am not sure even what your occupation was or how you got injured. I see the outcome in your heading, but what did happen? You are so young for all this to be coming at you. It is terrible some of the things that you write about that WC has done in your case. Someday I want to hear when you feel like writing it all down and sharing. I am very interested... Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Me to, and hoping all goes well for you tomarrow, Please let us know as soon as you can and maybe this visit will ease your pain. Prayers are going out for you.
I've been following your posts with great interest ~ here and other forums ~ for quite a long while now--since the beginning. More than anything else, I only wish to say that I am very proud of you, bud.Smile


I totally understand what you are saying - there should be receipts for them and like jayne said - make sure your attorney gets a copy of them so you get paid for your co-pay and your hubby's health insurance also gets paid back. Also if you have to see your doctor to get the script - depending on the script - you may have to - you may have a co-pay on that as well - make sure you attorney gets a copy of that bill as well.

While your at it - have your attorney check into bad faith claims for your state since they are now playing games. Each state has different laws on what they consider bad faith claims. However, your attorney will be better able to answer you questions on this matter especially if this is going to be an on going thing with your meds.
I will be more than Happy to start at the beginning and let you folks know my entire situation. The only way I will do it though, for security reasons is by a PM to the ones who would like to know, I hate to be this way, but I have to Protect myself and my Family, and I surely wouldn't want someone on here who may be fishing for info. on cases to get a hold of it, and use it against me! Not that I have anything to hide about my injury, but I have a few very good Aces up my sleeve that I wouldn't want the Defense to get a hold of, they are going to be very surprised in the end. Now I don't want one single Person to take Offense to what I've said on here about someone Fishing, I suspect no one, but this is an Open Forum and anyone can be lurking and taking info. at any time, and when I get into my line of work and so forth, they would probably be able to figure out who I am pretty easy. I'm going to warn you though, this could turn out to be a Mini-Series, so much has happened!! (LOL)! If that's O.K. with you that want to hear it I'll type it and send it to one of you, with instructions on who to forward it to next, and so on. So if you'd like to know "The Rest of the Story" as Paul Harvey puts it, Please PM me and I'll make sure and include you in the List to PM to. I think it's fair for the ones who want to know and I trust you, and that's a huge leap of faith, because if this got in the wrong hands, my case could be in Jeopardy!!! I'll give everyone who wants to hear it until Thursday to PM me, and I'll write it on Friday!!Wink

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