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Pain in the neck...arm...Carpal tunnel...etc!!!!
Needed to remove post.
Injury date 11/2008; left upper extremity; CRPS; bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome.
" The ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the leg bone....."

You need MRI's of the shoulder and neck as that is where the hand is connected to; i.e the force of the trapped hand travels through the arm, through the shoulder and to the neck via the muscles that support the shoulder which attach to the neck. You may have injured one or the other or both in the course of the accident, fall, or whatever.
Convincing a Dr. of same should be interesting.
I agree with Cycler and the Chiro, you should have MRI's and such of the Cervical (Neck) area, and also of the shoulder area.

I don't think anything else can be ruled out at this time.
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wow sounds like you have alot of probs just wanted to wish you luck and welcome you to the forum
Your symptoms sound very similiar to my original work injury. Having the pain all the way from the neck to the arm, and down into my hand, my orthopaedic dr. ordered an EMG, x-rays, and a Cervical Spine MRI. I was dx'd with "double crush syndrome" which meant a nerve was compressed at my neck and also at my wrist.


Now, because of the extreme pain at onset, I guarded my arm which I later found out to be a big mistake. I developed a "Frozen Shoulder" because I wasn't using my arm.

I hope you find a good doctor who will work with the complexity of your injury. Take care.
Let Go, and Let God......
It's amazing how problems with the neck effects the hand and arm.

I had carpal tunnel surgery 2/10 and now am starting 2nd round of therapy for the hand.
I have entrapment of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, no treatment as of yet, and I also have a hernation of C5-6.

I experienced cervical pain thru the night, woke up with pain in the neck and entire arm/hand. Made it difficult for doing the excercises in therapy today.
You guys would not believe what the W/C doctor said to me today. Let me explain.
I went to Urgent Care as walk in patient for having pain in my neck and shoulder.
As the nurses assistant was walking beside me to the exam room, I passed out and hit the floor on the same side as my injury of my wrist and hand. I was catatonic and unable to verbalize what had happen to me/ or the cause of what had happen. Since
then I had been having very bad shoulder and neck pain more so than prior to the injury. My ROM is limited. Went to the ER and they said that I had Cervical Radiculopaty. Requested for me to have a MRI.

Will this is were it really gets odd. The W/C pain doctor was treating me for neck and shoulder pain previously. With one injection into my trapezius and PT for the same. Well today I had my visit with the W/C PCP who said that he got the report about my Cubital syndrome and my carpal tunnel. I asked about treatment and he said, "NO! They were not going to treat it. I asked, "Why would the W/C pain doctor treat me for these issues, and order PT, do a EMG (which at that time was negative) if they were not going to treat.

He said, "I can't answer that." I told him that I think I had a tear somewhere in my shoulder. He said that he didn't see any report about my shoulder in my report of injury." I ask than why did you guys give me and injection and PT, if there wasn't a cause.

Now I had been telling them about my shoulder and neck. No it wasn't in the
statement of my injury but I did say I felt something pop. Later on the pain progressed. Now my surgeon also wrote in his report that he thinks I have a hairline fracture just below my thumb.
I also told the surgeon about the pain in my neck and shoulder. But he is a hand
surgeon and said that I would have to talk to W/C doctors about that. I had been telling them about that for months. I said the surgeon said he would take care of the impingement while removing the plates in my thumb and wrist. I ask if that would be okay. The doctor's was vague, all he said was he can take out the plates sure." I am trying not to sue the Urgent Care for what happen to me and causing
more pain to my shoulder, or possible tear, or from the aggravation of not EVER being examined by the W/C doctor at any point! Made me feel it was a color issue!

The doctor said he was not going to order a MRI, because the impingement was not Cervical Radiculopathy. He said that I am at MMI and that the pain doctor gave my Mental Status a 10 and my hand a 7 overall body would be a 3. I have no idea what that means. One other burning question? On every visit to my W/C PCP. The man never touches me. He just reads the previous doctors report and that it. Today was the first time he touch me, and I believe that was because the NCM was in the room.

I will have my Functional Capacity Test on the 10th. But I see my surgeon on the 6.

My Nurse Case Manager was there at the time and she was shocked by the doctors
answers and response. She said she was going to call my Attorney about this. For me in the mean time to ask my surgeon if the impingement were related to my wrist on hand. I will be talking to my attorney tomorrow about this and about a law suit against the clinic my current injury. I have the ER report from that day that I passed out and it shows that I had no responds to aggressive stimulation to my extremity. That I had mild neck stiffness and muscle spams in my left neck. Also that my BP 234/143 was from aggravation and pain. Said something about my muscles spams to the left, grip is weak. I believe that there is a tear to my pecrtoralis muscle. What do you guys think?
Injury date 11/2008; left upper extremity; CRPS; bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome.
I think you can't sue
lefty Wrote:Okay, I live in Colorado, which is a no fault state. Let me take this from the top. Nove 2008, two injuries occurred from getting my hand crush in a staff bathroom door. At the time of the injury, my arm was fully extended behind me with my thumb and hand twisted and caught. The force made my head jerk back. I heard something pop. Not sure if it was arm, or hand or neck. The surgeon said I had my left arm ulnar bone shorten. That's why I was having the wrist pain. The injury aggravated a condition I had know idea I had. He also said that PT wasn't helping my thumb or wrist. So I had the arm done in 6/2009. The thumb was done

I had been telling the surgeon about that I had pain my shoulder, and neck. He said for me to inform the W/C doctor about this. He also said that I had Lateral Epicondlyitis. I informed the w/c doctor of what the surgeon said, and he referred me to a pain management doctor. She gave me a lidicane injection in my left upper swallow trapezius. This made me nauseated, and my blood pressure went to 190/113. This doctor also gave me an EMG and said it was find. Some how I didn't believe her.

Had PT massage therapy of my neck and tried to do some pingelum (sorry the misspelling)...swings with my left arm. There was some pain there but not much. The neck massage made me very dizzy even thou I had drank lots of water prior to the PT.
Told this to the therapist and she had me to sit in a chair for a while. I also asked her what were the popping sounds in my neck. She said it was from unused muscles. I didn't think she was correct but what do I know.
I have been experiencing dizzy spells ever since.

Went back to for my appointment with my surgeon and told him about the
pain in my elbow, and how my fingers tingled, and felt like needles. Also I would get this electric shock to my fused thumb. The surgeon order an
Emg, said he didn't know why I would have Carpal tunnel. Also told him that the plates in both arm and finger hurt like hell, and were causeing problems. He said that he would remove them, and if it is proven that I have carpal tunnel he will take care of that as well. Now mind you my
Nurse Case Manager was there the entire time and saw and heard everything. This time it proved positive for Carpal tunnel, and Cubital sydrome in my elbow.

While at the w/c doctor's clinic again I felt dizzy spells, felt extremity like headed, short of breath and the nurses assistant caught me
as I was falling to the floor...I still hit my head. Sent to the hospital by
ambulance and I didn't recognize, where I was. They said that I wasn't
answering question correctly, and that even with applied pressure to my
upper and lower extreminities I didn't respond to what should have been
extreme pain. CT head / blood work / lumbar puncture all was find. After a while I can back to myself, and they admitted me overnight.

My left arm / shoulder hurts. Neck hurts, and my trapezius is still swollen and hurts. The pain starts at the base of my skull and down across the trapezoid. Arm is weak, and can't left it above my waste before the pain begins.

"Just a little History"

I was in a car accident in 1998 where I was T-Boned. Had chiropractic care and injections to my back for my sciatic on the right side.

Now the W/C pain management doc asked me about the "Whiplash" I asked him what whiplash? Told him about the right side sciatic problem.

He said to me and the Nurse Case Manager, that I had some prior conditions not same as my current injury, but could have aggravated it.
The neck and shoulder conditions. He also stated that there was no more he could do. He order for Aqua therapy for my arm and shoulder. Also more visits with the physiologist, and order Trazasopan for sleep.

Now keep in mind that was before the POSITIVE EMG. Yesterday, 5/30/2010 I went to the ER because I was had server pain in my neck and shoulder. The pain radiated to my bicep muscle, and I hand tingling, pins and needles in my hand. They doctor said that I have Cervical Radiculopathy. Wrote for Methyprednisolone (a staroid), and Valuim, and oxcodone. I will show this ER report to the W/C PCP and my surgeon.
I pray they order a MRI!!!

Has anyone experience this kind of pain or symptoms? I think with everything else a slight tear in my shoulder. I need a MRI! I will some how get the w/c doctor or my surgeon to order it. What kind of condition does this sound like to you? Will W/C have to take care of this injury. If it is related to the prior car accident. Just like the took care of the Ulnar bone shortening? Please help! Time is running out.

I was also in a car accident in nov.had pretty much same complaints you have took 2 docs to figuire out i had a ac tendon tear in right shoulder,so i suggest you have mri and get copy of it the day it is done.
I'd suggest getting a couple of opinions !

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