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FL/MD - Reached MMI - PPD - and W/C ended Help?

I am a resident of Tampa, FL but was working in Baltimore, MD when I was injured on 6/05/09. After a long couple of months, multiple weeks of Physical Therapy, an MRI, CAT Scan, 3 Cortisone injections, Subacromial Decompression Surgery in November, more physical therapy, an FCE...my Dr released me to work with "medium resitrictions" at an MMI as of 3/3/2010 and a Permanent Partial Disability of 4%...my workers compensation was discontinued on 3/3/2010...my employer has not terminated me they still consider me an employee but hasn't paid me a penny or found a job for me (even when I've applied for transfers to another position they deny me because of my FCE).

My Injury Specialists (at "employer") have been giving me the run around, hasn't helped me with anything, and have promised Vocational Rehab but I've heard nothing. I've stated I'd be willing to work in ANOTHER state again, but they keep telling me I am not qualified.

I have not received a settlement. I have contacted an Attorney in Maryland, I'm scheduled to meet with him and his Dr on 6/17. I have to front $200 for an airline ticket and we have one month left of money to survive.

The employer will not cover any Retraining in School, I've been very cooperative and passionate with them in regards to wanting to still work for them...but I'm getting no where. My Arm is worse than before the surgery and I'm still in pain, it varies from activities. My Physical Therapist said, "Bicep Tendinitis".

I can't find another job here in Tampa. My to-be Mother-in-law continues to be unsympathetic to my situation and I feel so lost as to what to do now. I have fallen very deep into depressions I'm absolutely scared.

ask your doctor for a referral for counseling. the depression needs treatment; it can't be overcome without outside help.
leave your work comp issues to your atty while you take care of your mental and emotional help.
since you are under Maryland comp laws you can find out more here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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