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What Happened?
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:Thanks for all the Updates FreeBird, leave this go, and to the off topic area anyway's.

In the mean time, Bronco has another question for you here, I would thank you if you can help them, as you have or are going through that process. They seem scared or worried, or maybe a ton of questions you might be some help there.

Once again thank you..
Heck I find it amusing. It's sorta like a Church; People become a click and someone gets there feelings hurt and causes a division over a childish moment. Sides are taking etc. and a split is formed. Sorta like politics.
Actually, I could care two toots but it was interesting reading like the Enquirer.
Okay, I have had some fun. Back to helping IW's.
Well, thanks for helping Bronco out. I thought it was you going through with the RFA.
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