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Summer Time Plans
Summer plans, just what are those...? lol

I will be working, then working, then working 7 days aweek.
And then when I am not working, pt, then chiro alternating 5 days aweek, then of course dr appointments... If there is any time for me I plan on doing some boating, fishing, and of course stock car races every friday night/ and off road races in june and sept... I think that takes up my time for the summer, except in the end of July I'm busting out of this hell hole town for 10 days maybe 2 weeks. Going to Colorado non stop, staying for 2 days and heading east to Jaynes state....(hint)..lol for a day or 2. Then non stop to panama where we will slowly work the coast line at rv parks... No one is busting my plans this year, including WC bull crap... Of course I will be bringing my pets, Buster (puggle) and Scooby (black lab).. Buster is a corker and scooby is now 12 years old and has been rx'ed with bone cancer and given 6 to 12 months to live. And want his last times here to be happy and cant leave him behind not knowing......

But I hope everyone here has a less pain and enjoyable summer.....
Summer Time Plans;

Well, I know my wife has my summer plans made out, jus doesn't always tell me what they are till the last minute. LOL
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Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:Summer Time Plans;

Well, I know my wife has my summer plans made out, jus doesn't always tell me what they are till the last minute. LOL

With 3 teenage boys at home I am just hopeing to keep my sanity this summer HAHAHA my boys are 13,15 and 17. I will have a house full of kids all summer in the pool playing games and such my house seems to be the neighborhood spot. I dont mind at least I know there behaving LOL other then that I plan on getting thru PT and hopefully going back to work this fall, we will have to see.

Happy Summer all
Live for Today, Love for Today, Laugh for Today.
Bronco you are very welcome......we have a new camper and plan to be in it alot this summer.....it will also keep the electic bill down as in the RV park the electric is the same weather al the grands leave the doors open or not.....I get my oldest daughters kids this next weekend and then My sons middle of june....we will be homeschooling all our kids this year as we plan to travel short trips all year.....it looks to be quite a full year we have made it thru the WC years and look forward to watching each of you do the same....Hey Bronco bring your jars.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne I have never canned my self, now my mother and grandma thats another story... My grandma ran a foster home and many times had 13 extra children to add to her own 8 children... She had a huge garden and I would bet it was at least 60 to 70 feet long and about 30 ft wide... They had a section of the field for potatos and corn. And raised cows and pigs, they sold beef and pork to all the neighbors and had plenty to spare.. After my grandpa died she couldnt handle the work and sold the farm..... I wish my parents would have baught it with 2 houses and almost 200 acres it was one of the largest parcles left in our county............

I cant wait to get out of town for a little relaxing and enjoyment........
do not worry,just bring jars....The girls in the church came today and weeded the garden for me...it is such a happy time to hear them singing and chattering all while pulling weeds..and all it costs me is a few soda pops...I have over 50 tomato plants and 2 rows of green beans 3 rows of squash and 2 of cukes....and half a row of green peppers.....I didnt get out peas quick enough and the potatos rotted in the ground we had so much rain....its ok potatos are cheap here and corn is cheaper to buy than grow.....do miss those fresh sweet peas tho
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne are your tomatoes in the ground or in buckets?

I planted my tomatoe plants in 5 gallon buckets and the plants have already outgrown the buckets.

Today I purchased larger containers to replant them.
mine are in the ground.....I am lucky enough to have the church youth to help me...other wise I couldnt do it.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

It has been a busy week between 8 sessions of physical therapy scheduled this week and working on the final plans for the summer program.

Had my last meeting with summer staff today, we have 3 certified teachers, and 2 licensed speech language pathologist working with students this summer.

The program is serving 60+ special needs children this summer.

I do the final planning and the hiring of summer staff, but it is the volunteers and board of directors that make the program happen.

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