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Summer Time Plans
School is out for most and summer is starting.
I thought I would start a thread about what is going on this summer.
I will start and share my plans for the summer.

I volunteer for a United Way funded organization, a parent-to-parent program for families with children with disabilities

I have been working on the summer program, to date I have hire 3 tutors, and 2 speech pathologist to provide one-on-one services for 60 special needs children.

I don't do everything alone as I do have 9 members of the board of directors that are right beside me helping with the program.

The special needs children served in this program would go without summer services if not for this program.

I do have to limit the amount of time I volunteer due to my health, and often call other volunteers for assistance. In the end it all comes together.

What I do comes from the heart, I hope one day my volunteer experience may help when I return to the workforce.

My son is served in this program, and my niece volunteers teaching art classes to children with disabilities in this program.

The program will run thru the month of June, July we will be busy with the 4-H fair, and August my children return to school.
Bummer... you always amaze me with all your work you do for children with special needs. I am so proud of you. I think this is a wonderful thread to start. What a positive way to say we have so much in our lives so lets all share... for me I have a lot planned still not sure what I will completely remove from my list and so forth. What I think I can do this summer is:

1. Entering a 12 week college course on Oil Painting and a second on on Acrylic Painting. Each class is once a week. It will bring another entire different view of painting in to my life.

2. Entering a 8 week college course on quilting. I have a quilting machine so I have the tools therefore the cost is minimal. If I have to drop one due to time I will drop this one for awhile and consider taking it in the fall.

3. Was give the name of a publisher to talk to about reviewing my book that I have written. I have some more work to do on it, so I hope to finish it by the end of the summer. I started it 2 years ago. It is not long its title changes and may continue to change once a publisher (if this ever happens) ever actually reads it. I hope to finish this this summer.

4. I have started a 2nd book but this one is not on MS... lets see where I go with it.

5. I have entered a double blind research as a participate thought Oregon Health Sciences. It is about a medication and its impact on people with cognitive loss related to MS. The hypothesis, I am assuming is going to state something a long the lines of "the medication will show a _____% enhancement for particular indicators such as processing of information, memory recall and so forth. I am guessing and I am sure this is not the correct words. A double blind research is usually always a quantitative research design using statistical means to reach their conclusion. Depending on its findings will make a difference on my decision to complete my ph.d. I still have the research data that I started...so that the dissertation can be written.

6. My sister in law is graduating from Nursing School at the AD level so my brother has asked me to help with a party for her..so that is schedued for the weekend following the 10th..at my house.

7. My parents anniversary, my brothers and I are having a picture taken by a photographer and then having a party for my parents..they h ave been married 55 years the end of August. This will be at my house as well.

8. I will continue to volunteer at the YMCA 2-4 hours a week, and at a doctors out patient office 2 hours a week.

9. Plan to do some camping at the end of June with my family ... and some at the end of July with the church.

10. Class reunion is occurring at the end of July early part of Augest also so this is exciting. Can't wait.

this is enough...I am getting tired thinking about it...but also am so blessed to have so much in my life with so many opportunity to continue to learn and grow. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Wow! You are a busy lady.

You must be feeling better with the above planned, good for you!

The type of day I have depends on how much I get done each day, some days I don't accomplish much other days I do better.

One thing I left out was from now thru the end of June I have nine sessions of physical therapy a week.
Bummer...I truly enjoy being very busy..lots to do and that keeps me feeling better. I do have to rest a lot. Alot of what I have up there is only a few hours a week but it sounds like alot. Keep up hte good work Pt is really a good way to get your strength rom and so forth back..good luck on that...Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
gonna camp and garden......watch grands...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I forgot... I am gardening also... but the biggest part of it, is the canning and preserving... this is a definite and does take up a lot of time and is time limited so it must be done when it must be d one. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Our schools here will be out for the summer next Friday at 11 am. Not looking forward to have to males underfoot for the next 10 weeks.. but I won't complain.

We head for Caddo Lake (as usaul) the 10th of June through the 14th for our annual greet n meet of USADeepSouth writers. This is the 5th year for it.

In July we are headed to Joe Cool lake in the DFW area for a weekend with what we call the "old farts" gang. Friends of the bf's from high school.

At the end of July, we are heading to Colorado and my high school reunion. Will spend a few days in the Rockies before we head to Denver and then Greeley to see my family and mother. From there it is up to WY where I will finally get to meet Tori for the first time. Probably 2 or 3 days there before we head off across Nebraska and drop down into Kansas where we will spend a few days with Randy's newest granddaughter before we head home.

During this time, I will be teaching number 2 dumbson how to drive. He is eligible for his license the 5th of July. We also need to get him enrolled in either Bright Ideas charter school or set up for home schooling here at home, as he isn't getting the education he needs in the school system here.

We are also hoping that our other house will sell within the next month. If it does, we are going to do some remodeling here on the house we are in, as well as trade in my car for a newer one. Randy wants a crossover, but I am more interested in the Chrysler 300. Gets better gas mileage than any of the crossovers and is more of a luxury vehicle that will make traveling a lot nicer.

Other than that, the rest of the summer is open to anything we want to do on the spur of the moment. Come August, I will have medicare and be able to start returning to my Dr's and get medical treatment for all that ails me.

Real exciting life huh ?? ~L~

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
No plans......... I am retired. Will take each day as it comes, then a Trip in the Fall to meet with Regrets and Ellen, Cap and Bill, RNvic and I will be driving together Looking forward to the Fall colors, and sight seeing. Maybe a few day trips or overniters. Play it by ear.
I'm with you Tuffy! No plans this year, and I like it that way. Just gonna enjoy my backyard and family. Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
Not a lot of plans for our house as we will be working on the remodel of John's house. Marcy sure wish you and Dave were closer so Dave could advise me on some of the work. Will be adding two bathrooms and remodeling the kitchen. Also will be hanging sheetrock in all the rooms upstairs. Hope to take a couple trips with Tuffy during the summer and early fall.

Also have two surgeries planned for this summmer and hopeful no more. But seems that I have at least a couple each month. the nurses counted the other day and I have had 18 surgeries this year.

Daughter and grand kids are planning on coming home for a couple weeks and all constrution will stop while they are here as I want to enjoy every minute they are here.

Have a great summer.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

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