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Summer time
Woot 100 degrees thank goodness for the pool, also really helps take the pressure off my back and legs. Hope everyone has a safe and happy painless summer or at least less pain.
Live for Today, Love for Today, Laugh for Today.
Thanks Grumpy One!! I Finally got My Central Air Fixed, We haven't Hit 100 Yet, but I have Skylights that Heat this House up Quick on even a Day in the 70's! Sure Wish I Had a Pool, Enjoy it, and Relax!!Smile
I Wish Everyone in the World would Take just One Minute to Take a Deep Breath and Look at the Wonders around Them. Too Much Time caught Up in the Moment can Cause Us to Miss soo Much that is Good, and given Us Daily! We are just too Busy to See!
We opened our pool last week, the water is still to cold to swim.

Ours is a doughboy 16x33 aboveground wirh a pool deck and slide for the kiddos.

I like doing water exercises and am anxious for the water to heat up.

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