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Well im home the wife and Kali are staying the night and im tired as I have had only 3 1/2 hrs sleep since yesterday.So all went well her right ear was the worst they said it was so full it was bulging the left not as bad and she lost very little blood then they cut the tonsils and adenoids out.She will be home tomorrow and she will be fine she was playing in they toy room with my two nieces for a short time but she was so drugged up she wont remember im sure and this kid forgets nothing.Thanks all Scott.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

so happy she is OK...now get some sleep
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Well, go out, buy plenty of Ice Cream and Popsicles for her now, as she will be needing them
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Thank you for the update.

Get some rest.
I'm so Glad all went Well for Her Hurt! And I know She will be Pampered at Home as the Little Princess She is!!Smile
I Wish Everyone in the World would Take just One Minute to Take a Deep Breath and Look at the Wonders around Them. Too Much Time caught Up in the Moment can Cause Us to Miss soo Much that is Good, and given Us Daily! We are just too Busy to See!
Good news Hurt, She will now be on the mend, Give her lots of XOXOXO.
Good to hear Hurt, now as the others said, get some rest. You will need it. Children mend so much quicker than adults.

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