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Can I Get PTD For Major Depression?
Post removed.
Injury date 11/2008; left upper extremity; CRPS; bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome.
if you are told to report for work you must go.or your case is closed....course if you go back and end up back at the ER that would prove you are not ready to return to work......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I know how you feel, but give going back to work a try. It might be the best thing to improve your mental state. If it doesn't work out, return to your WC doc and keep your attorney informed. Learn the rules and regulations of your State. This is Colorado, full info found on tab "State Laws and Info" on the top of this page.

It usually takes a couple of therapists before you find one that is right for you. Don't give up on gettiing better. There are brighter days ahead.


(A) Any physician determining permanent mental or behavioral disorder impairment shall:

(1) Limit such rating to mental or behavioral disorder impairments not likely to remit despite medical treatment; and

(2) Use the instructions contained in the AMA Guides giving specific attention to:

(a) Chapter 4, ~Nervous System~; and

(b) Chapter 14, ~Mental and Behavioral Disorders~; and

(3) Complete a full psychiatric assessment following the principles of the AMA Guides, including:

(a) A nationally accepted and validated psychiatric diagnosis made according to established standards of the American Psychiatric Association as contemplated by the AMA Guides; and

(b) Complete history of impairment, associated stressors, treatment, attempts at rehabilitation and premorbid history so that a discussion of causality and apportionment can occur.

(B) If the permanent impairment is due to organic deficits of the brain and results in disturbances of complex integrated cerebral function, emotional disturbance or consciousness disturbance, then Chapter 4, ~Nervous System,~ shall be consulted and, may be used, when appropriate, with Chapter 14, ~Mental and Behavioral Disorders.~ The same permanent impairment shall not be rated in both sections. The purpose is to rate the overall functioning, not each specific diagnosis. Determination of the appropriate chapter(s) is left to the professional judgment of the physician.

© The permanent impairment report shall include a written summary of the mental evaluation and the work sheet incorporated herein as part of this rule (Division form WC-M3-PSYCH). The impairment rating shall be established using the 'category definition guidelines' set forth in this rule, and which shall supplement the related instructions in the AMA guides. When appropriate, the physician shall address apportionment.

(D) Where other work-related permanent impairment exists, a combined whole-body permanent impairment rating may be determined by the authorized treating physician providing primary care if Level II accredited. Where the authorized treating physician providing primary care is not determining permanent impairment, it shall be determined by the Level II accredited rating physician designated by the authorized treating physician providing primary care.
Let Go, and Let God......
if you are returning to work it is unlikely your disability will be considered total.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Also, it is usually W/C who approves which psychiatrist will do the assessment. Your attorney will be able to tell you if this person has a previous history of keeping workers comp complainants having other previous problems which are not related to the injury. Do be careful here. This one can a mine field.

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