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My tiny, tiny granddaughter
Hi All,

My youngest grandchild, Zoie will be undergoing genetic testing to see if she has a metabolic growth disorder. She does have a slight case of cerebral palsy but is getting alot of daily therapy so now at nearly 11 months she's finally pulling herself up and feeding herself.

The problem, she weighs 12lbs 8oz and is only 25.2" long. She's the size of a 3 month old and I thought my other grand daughter was tiny. She is so adorable, she has little elfin ears, both are slightly pointed on top (in the right place). So when this little girl smiles with those little ears that are pointy and slightly stick out it's just adorable. I do need to get a picture of her on here.

Short does run in my family, her mother is only 5', my mom was 5', my half sister was 4'8", So at 5'3" I'm a giant.

ahhhhhhhh BB I had a tiny one also my first adopted daughter was only 18 lbs and wore size 19 months clothes when we got her she was 3 years old a real living doll....she now is almost 5 feet tall if she stretches....both her Bio parents were short also....shes in her 30s now and just fine.....gosh grandbabies are special arent they
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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