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uh ohhh tornados are coming
watching the news at 5 and theres currently 2 tornados on the ground in oklahoma headed tulsa's way ..one in redrock that will go north of us and 1 in oklahoma city thats headed to tulsa...they have been stateing all day that theres gonna be a huge breakout of severe weather well here we go super cells are poppin up to the west of I-35 and headed east gonna hunker down and see what the evening holds..i have my video camera on hand just incase we get some large hail..dont know if i could ever video tape a tornado or not..i like the storms but this is lookin like it might get scary they just reported numbers 3 and 4 touching down and all of this has just started..will post pics if i can get any good ones
It's a wild night in Kansas, with most of Southcentral under warnings or watches.

There was a tornado on the ground near the Wichita Airport, don't know about damage.

We had some hail here about 15 minutes ago, told my daughter to get her butt home.
Woweeee the weather is rockin here I cant wait I hope the storms hit in the daylight hours I love standing in the yard and watching them
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

yeah me to jayne..tulsa just missed the tornados they were just north and just south..from what im hearing oklahoma city got hammered lots of damage and 1 fatality so far..think they said 5 touchdowns in a 2 hour period..one that stayed on the ground for the most part from norman to checotah following interstate 40
one t-storm is just starting to hit our area...the fireworks are beautiful......watching for silence them Bam
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

lots of stright line damage in town the winds were really bad.....I havent got out yet....as much as I love the storms they play hell on my injuries so its a stay in bed on the heat pad till noon day
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I was told the weather got nasty.. I also am one for storms, I love the thunder boomers.... Jayne I know what your talking about, I actually sleep with a electric blanket, and even on durring summer time.... If I dont I cant walk on my left leg, to painfull.
man oklahoma got pretty wild yesterday..they said 12 tornados for sure now lots of damage 5 fatalities..all within just a few hours tulsa dodged the bullet
Wow...thank goodness we are home. We were suppose to be outside of Tulsa then heading up 30 to salina ks... on mother's day. I am so glad we came home earlier. We went from NJ to Tennesse and would have been in all the flooding or just leaving when it all happened, to GA.. which sweet tooth said just the day after we left it got very hot.. del was watching the news and said we are going to hug the southern interstate all the way home on I10W then on to I5. We changed it a bit because we went on 40 from Flagstaff AZ to Bakerfield Ca to avoid LA Ca. Wow.. God was truly with us. Red
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