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DOE findings on complaint against son's college
they try BB they have had several "talks" on behavior and name calling since our school has had in the last 5 years a flood of mexican students..with parents not teaching their children manners at home...its just impossiable for teachers to be everywhere and with the tax base here disapearing we are going from 20 kids a class to 30 and next year even more kids per class...it is just easier to keep them home and safe than to expect the schools to....My son said next year he is gonna have to pay 100 dollars per semester per child to ride the bus in his school district.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

My husband and I were talking about the 'manners' word on the way home on Sunday. It's something that's not mentioned and definitely not taught anymore.

The report from the DOE was 100% in favor of the college, they found absolutely no fault anywhere with this school. They had student after student saying my son did this, did that. But the DOE didn't call his current teachers or talk to his fellow classmates in Wichita. If they had they'd of gotten a totally different finding. I guess after 20 yrs of dozens of complaints Hutchinson Community college has learned how to cover their ass.

It's just not worth fighting, for my son's sake it's time to close this. I've managed to embarrass the college, the teachers, students. Vocational Rehab no longer contracts with the disability group that was working with my son. The lady directly involved with my son lost her credentials.

There are more and more people with autistic problem every day, they grow up. This country, services, colleges need to help them. There are dozens of interventional services available for kids when they're young, when they grow up they can fall under the cracks. My son will always need some sort of intervention, help with his finances, prevention from abuse, etc. But right now we live in a state that cuts disability services first in a tight budget.

I'd just Like to Wish You and Your Son the Very Best Body Builder. I Hope if You can Appeal and do, Something can be Done to Stop this College from allowing this to Happen to Someone Else.
I Wish Everyone in the World would Take just One Minute to Take a Deep Breath and Look at the Wonders around Them. Too Much Time caught Up in the Moment can Cause Us to Miss soo Much that is Good, and given Us Daily! We are just too Busy to See!
BB you are so right about services for the disabled once out of high school.

Once a child enters middle school there are few services out there and this reduces as they graduate from high school

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