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OMG, crazy funerals, too funny
Hi All,

Did I mention my brother-in-law's crazy brother? The one that lives in Australia, he's just too funny. I've come close to wetting my pants from laughing so much.

We got into talking about strange events at funerals, the woodpeckers, my grandmother's where we smelled roses (she loved roses). Well that's when Dean started in, God love the guy, we've been just laughing all morning, I had to take a break. Seems that Aussie's are known for their strange events at funerals. Anything from Sea gulls, Roos and the funniest (don't ask me why, perhaps it's just the way he tells the story). An invasion of flies, millions during an important funeral, the flies drove away the mourners.

So, tell me about your weird, funny funeral stories. I need to upstage Dean.

I don't really know if I have any funny or enlighting stories about funerals themselves, but I sure could tell a few about pronouncement of end of life, trying to get the funeral home to pick up a body or what we had to do to preserve the body waiting for a mortician etc etc etc... then of course the weirdest would most likely be about trying to get the doctors who didn't pronounce or even see the person die or with out life sign the deaf certificate... some states also require the doctors to come to the funeral home and it was always the nurse in charge and the mortician who tries to accomplish this task... there are a lot of funny stories about doctors... if you want any of this let me know and I will pull out some stuff from my memory.

Most of memories are about sadness when it comes to death even though I do believe in heaven. People being alone without family dying without anyone but me or other nurses to be with them. Other instances would be such situations such as during codes. Even during a code, while it is a time to be serious afterwards we could all have a laugh at the funny things that happened.... for instance without telling the entire story, I had a women during a code actually raise her hand and slap my face... she wasn't breathing either... it was according to the doctor a nervous reaction to the loss of air. I am not sure to this day, but everyone laughed about this for months. Short but sweet. Ok... let me know. Also please remember and I will try also, that I am a nurse, so what may offend others would not offend me due to my experience and forced coping skills that I developed to react to death or the fear of someone dying in my arms. I don't have a lot of concerns talking about this but others may. Let me know Carol/Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Yes you're right, others might have a concern. This is just the way we're wired, how my family reacts. My grandmother arranged a male dancer at her funeral dinner. I was shocked, my dad got up to go to the bathroom ( I think that was the beginning of his prostrate problems, he didn't return for nearly 30 minutes).

When my stepmother's younger brother died and we went to the funeral home her older sister had bought clothes. During the viewing I guess she check the status of the deceased 'clothing'. Imagine our shock and then the giggles while 'Sharon' gave the funeral director what for, because her little brother didn't have on underwear.
My Mother's funeral was a little different.

My Mother in her life was a cab driver, ambulance driver, school bus driver, school custodian, and motorcycle mechanic.

She loved her bike, often traveling across the country on one. When she would get low on funds she would find a pool hall, challenge someone to a game of pool, and walk out of the pool hall with enough money to continue her travels.

At her funeral, the selected songs were, Elvis Presley's song, “My Way" and "Daddy's Hands"

On the lawn just outside the front doors of the church sat her motorcycle, with her leather jacket laid across the seat. A poem she wrote "My cycle" sat on the handle bars.

The long line to the cemetery was lead by a group of motorcycle riders.
wow...bummer... your mother was an amazing women. I would never have guessed. To ride a bic across country.. that is amazing and for a women. She was a very strong women. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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