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Attorney said give up take what they offer
WC is over and out. The car accident made the WC injuries worse and added more injuries. I am sure that the auto insurance will go to WC for part of the damages, but don't know for sure.

The surgeon said I will need surgery on my neck, this had nothing to do with WC. My lower back and hip was the WC claim, it is now much worst. My auto attorney tells me that this will be settled soon, we will see.
Mine was also a cervical injury from the auto accident, a hernation of C5-6.

I have the same attorney for wc & the auto, not once has the respondant mentioned the auto accident in wc court.

I started receiving treatment for the lumbar spine 5 month prior to the auto accident of 2007. The bilateral knee injury was 2005.

Wishing you the best.
Bummer Knees
My goodness, your situation sounds just like mine. I'm sorry to hear that. Bummer Knees was right that I had the same experience with W/C after the car accident.

I too had a lumbar spine injury which involved the hip. I had just left my first pain management appointment (11 months since work injury) and was sitting at a red light waiting to turn when a van on the cross street hit a car and rammed him into me. The accident required me to be transported by ambulance. I had to have cervical surgery for a 2 level fusion, and lumbar surgery @ L4 and a hand/wrist surgery similar to a carpal tunnel release.

Unfortuantly W/C used the auto accident to thier advantage since additional injuries were incurred. They tried to state that my original work injuries were over with and healed, therefore they were done with all treatments. I paid for my Pain management Dr. to give his depo. and it stated that I had not healed prior to the car accident. I figured that this would help me since he seen me the day of the accident prior to it. It did'nt help in the long run. They lowballed me on my settlement.

I also had the uninsured as well as underinsured coverage on my auto ins, after the other person's ins. payed, mine took over. I was in Pa. and had limited tort which did'nt allow for sueing for pain & suffering.

I am currently totally disabled, living on SSDI. I am still having pain and am looking at more surgeries. I wish I could tell you differant. My W/C injury was in 2006 and auto was in 2007.

I wish you the best with all that is to come.
Thanks for all of your help. I knew when all of this happened that I would not get rich, I just want to stop hurting and be paid for what I was working for. Well I found out WC does not care if you stop hurting, or get better, and getting you back to where you were is a joke. I am just made at the system, we are not numbers in a book we are flesh and blood and dang it we hurt, it's not our fault we were hurt and we did not go out looking to get hit by a car/truck. The way WC has made me feel it is like I did this all on my own.

Yes it has taken a long time to heal, I have Fibromyalgia and MFS, along with OA and just plain old age but I still worked 70 to 80 hrs a week and I am just made that all of a sudden I am nothing. THanks all of you for you kind words.

I will keep you posted, I hope to be abel to meet some of you some day, if you are ever in FL or AR that might be possible. Nancy
I Surely can See Your Frustration with having to Fight 2 Different Ins. Co.'s and now One Blaming the Other for Your Injury Changes. I have a Very Dear Friend that took a bit Less than They could have just to get out of the w/c System due to Pure Disgust and They are Much Happier for it. As They Said Money isn't Everything, and just knowing They are out of Their Life is Worth the Lesser Amount. I Hope You get a Decent Amount from the Auto Ins.Portion, and if You can't Work there is always SSDI. You may get Turned down the First Time, but if You do Appeal, Sometimes They Approve Quickly, (I was Approved in Less than 4 Months) and Sometimes They make You Work for it! I Wish You the Very Best, and I Hope All Turns Out in Your Favor, Sometimes Time away from it All as Your Doing May Re-Charge Your Batteries, and You May Come Back Ready to Fight!! Enjoy Your Trip!
I Wish Everyone in the World would Take just One Minute to Take a Deep Breath and Look at the Wonders around Them. Too Much Time caught Up in the Moment can Cause Us to Miss soo Much that is Good, and given Us Daily! We are just too Busy to See!

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