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Sooo nervous, shoulder surgery Wednesday
I am so nervous about my upcoming shoulder surgery. Will be going in at 6 am this Wednesday. Everyone says it is the most painful thing they have been through. I started having severe panic attacks again today. The anxiety is making me useless! Trying to get everything in order... bought a recliner, ice vest for shoulder, pre made food to easily put in micro, put up hand held shower head. Think that is it LOL.

My mom is coming to help, she will be here tomorrow and my son will be with me as well. I just always get so nervous before surgery. I have horrible fear of, 1. not waking up from anesthesia and 2. blood clots (had one once before). The surgeon said they are very rare with shoulder surgery.

I had both of my achilles tendons reconstructed 10 years ago and did well. They took the tendon from my big toe, drilled through my heal and made a new achilles tendon by intertwining the two and then reattaching. I'm hoping that if I can get through that type of surgery, this should not be as bad. Let's hope Smile

Thanks for listening and any prayers will be appreciated
Prayers being said for you. Be sure the doctor knows you have anixty/painc attacks, he can give you something to take before you arrive at the hospital and/or put something in your IV that will help.
Saying prayers that all goes well.
NVworker,several of us stop what we are doing at 9 pm our time and say prayers for those on this forum you are welcome to join it easy just at nine stop a minute and pray we will add you to the top tonite
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

I appreciate the 9pm prayer invite, I will definitely join in :-)
you are very welcome.......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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