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It's no wonder
Hi all..will continue my thoughts tommorrow... learned a lot on this trip and re-discovered a few ideas also.....be back on tommorrow. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Hi all... sorry about starting a thread to just leave wonderment and bewilderment..... truely thought I could do this last night and then didn't have it to do inside of me at the them. Most likely I still do not as my body is tired and I have been outside working and in town buying for our outside yards most of the day. I am ready to just jump in bed with a great book and say good night for a 12 hour rest period. Unfortunately as it goes, we now have company coming and of course I will be cooking. Don't worry, I love to cook, not a great cook as some others on here but I do so love to cook.... so after I say a few words of what I hope will hit home for most of us, then I will continue tomorrow.

To get started I want to asked Tuffy, Capricorn, Still in Limbo, and RNvic to please return. I also want to ask that Vickinate find herself here more often as I do so miss you girl. Sweet tooth, it is good to see you on here again a little bit more. Wink you are always a pleasant welcome. Monster, what can I say? I have no idea where you are. We traveled through Yucca Valley...we were on Ca99 I think going north from flagstaff Arizona..... went through your part of the country. We also traveled 10 west all the way from Geogia dropping into Florida, then in Lousianna....MJC....Tammi...thought about you both all the way through it... wow it would have been great to see you both. Maybe another time when it is just Del and I. My mother was ill and needed to get home. She just found out that she needs to have gall bladder surgery. I monitored her food and fluid intake and she did ok while traveling. Then we went through Texas... AQA..UA... Monster...and how many more are currently living in Texas. We traveled from east TX through Houston, all the way to San Antonia, then to San something else on the border of TX and NM. What a trip. I had to laugh at the border control. Here we are the 4 of us traveling in a 32' motor home, hauling a Dakota Pickup truck... and they asked us at the gate...."Where are you headed?" Del said to Oregon, then they asked, "are all 4 of your American Citizens." I think I just about choked on my water as we drove away laughing so hard. Why do we tax payers pay them so much money and then they didn't even look. How easy to put someone in the bathroom, under a bed etc etc etc. Not to mention that any one of us could have not been an American citizen...however, this is not what I wanted to say. Here goes all.....

COME BACK.... give this some thought. First and foremost, we all must understand the meaning of adult health and adult coping strategies. For instance, adult health is as it says, Healthcare needs required by the adult which can be classified as young adult, middle aged adult, senior adult, or aged aged adult. The years for this is rather self explanatory. However, as we move through the spectrum of each of these life spans our needs in health change. Now lets add an injury or a disease to the overall health care needs. Wow...it gets messy does it? Lets take a person who goes to work every day for 27 years and is about 48 years of age. This person falls into middle aged adult. The typically seen and preventative care for lets say a women in this age groups centers on GYN, proper body mechanics reguardless of job, decrease of stress, sometimes abdomin issues depending on the n umber of stresses this person has experienced in a life time. Then suddenly this person trips over a broom that was left in the floor by a housekeeper and she fractures her left hip, twist her knee distally, and then on top of that, is experience multiply changes in her daily life. Now this person is facing a surgery, maybe two, maybe three of of which includes some fear and pain. The stressors that surround her life now are beyond what a person expects to wake up to one morning, however, this person did as many of you have. Now you have a person who is expected to face the surgeries and pain, then the fear of what is next. ON top of that, here comes PTOT and Speech with a little tug here and a little tug there... come on all..this is very painful, demoralizing, heartbreaking, and just down right uncalled for if that broom accident had not occurred. I know she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and accidents do happen. That last statement is so easy to say unless it is you that it is happening too.

So now what happens. Well our middle aged adult goes home to find that her mother in law is exhausted and tired due to caring for her three teenagers while the mother in law claims that the injuried adult was resting away in a resort or something. Did this not happy to many? I deal with it every day from one family member to the next. I was the carer for all, it makes no didfferent that now I have disease....I am not trying to be sarcastic here, just realistic with what my major stressors are. Oh...I am not the women above...she is strickly fictional.

Now the middle aged adult women has just been added addtional stressors. I am g oing to stop here... if anyone would like too...add to this... what are the additional stressors that this women is about to encounter? I am not rereading...gotta run...so hope all is well...and everyone please enjoy your day. Love Red

PS...I will come back with many more thoughts that I hope will hit home for a few ....mostly so that it will say to you... give your self a break and never never forget to stop and forgive yourself for what you can't control.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Part 2.... some of you may make this is crazy, however, for me, it helps me. If it does not you, just ignore and walk on by. I have kept a diary since I was about 10 years old. I can tell you what happened each year of my life since I was about 3 years of age, and yet, I have a short term memory issue that does not even bare recognition for me. Enough of me, onto our story.

We left off where our middle adult friend just got home from a hospital and guilt was beginning to accumulate due to the family's expectation of her or him have not changed. What a stressor this is for many? Can we blame our families who truly just do not understand sometimes. Some families may and some may not. Some instances, there were not any expectations or very few expectations of the person in this story or in your life...either way, what ever is happening in your life right now, I assure you that somewhere in your bucket of stressors you have accumulated some instances of feeling as if no one understands you or knows how much you hurt or feel lost due to a lost of job or many other stressors that are in your bucket of stressors.

So for our middle aged adult has accumulated stressors nameds as such:
1. Changes in Physical Health, possibly function, and most likely in this case a lot of pain.
2. Endured a hospitalization or hospitalizations and that represents.
3. Experienced a lost of typical routine such as a mother who now is going to PT OT everyday and cannot go to work as before and is too tired to play with her children or grandchildren due to pain and medications and exhaustion of this persons internal energy.
4. Lost of identity as a result of multiply role changes placed upon each of us following an injury or disease process.
5. Lost of confidence in self and one's ability to truly get the job done as before whether it be at home or at a job.
6. Guilt compounded by lack of understand of family members, possibly depending a person ability to cope and opportunities to learn coping strategies due to past changes etc, anger may occur. This will without a doubt put a lot of strain on an entire family which in turn will just add to an injuried persons overall loss of self, loss of confidence, accumulated guilt and anger and so many other emotions.
7. Body now requires many medications for pain, possibly depression and many other issues. After a very short time of taking medications a person may start to take even more medications related to side of effects of the medications that they are taking for pain or other issues related to this life change.

Wow...can you believe that there are that many stressors and we have justs come home from the hospital. Is it any wonder that a disagreement will occur from time to time resulting in hurt feelings and feeling as if the forum family does not support me or care about what I think as well. More later...

Trying really hard to work out in our yard this week. I have a BIG garden BBQ coming up and wish you were all here to be with me and enjoy it. Love Red will come back to finish this story later.... so many more stressors will come to the fore front soon. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts feel free to express them at any time. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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