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Starting Medical Treatment
Bad Boy the only medical treatment I have received in recent years has been the knee replacementin 2008 and the right knee as in post # 9.

First filed on the back in 2007, due to delays, changes is wc judges, judge going on medical leave, then the comp court loosing my file and my attorney having to rebuild the file it has taken until 2010 to get a decision.

Yes you are correct this was an IME the insurance company scheduled, (I called the doctor's office to confirm this yesterday)

Then today I learned from the doctor the IME was cancelled with the insurance company telling this doctor to provide treatment.

The insurance company has something on their agenda, and that I will talk to the attorney about next week.

Bodybuilder took notes and I recorded the appointment.
Bummer, shouldn't your lawyer first of received a letter stating that your treating physician had been switched?

I don't know about all of this....., you don't like this doctor, it's just an IME, now he's your ATP. Was your lawyer aware of this? That usually doesn't occur with a phone call. T'was a strange event, I was perplexed at the time, even more perplexed now thinking about it

Your lawyer would of been informed in advance of the change, there is a great deal of difference between an IME and an ATP. Plus this 'doctor' is a DO not an MD.

Our attorney was shocked my the change of events.
I imagine he will receive a fax from the insurance company or did late today.

After listening to the tape I think the phone call and change happened today.

The doctor today is a DO and orthopedic surgeon, this must be good enough for work comp.

Other then the knee surgeon I do not have a current treating wc doctor, or didn't before today.

Bodybuilder I am just as shocked as you by today.
BodyBuilder, I full agree with you. As the attorney you and Bummer have, surly did know about all of this.

Plus, it is fact, that the Insurance Carrier did just get up and switch her doctor on her. I mean come on, someone had to be treating Bummer. Who told her she had Carpal Tunnel, and then sent her to a hand surgeon?

Kansas work comp law and rule; Does State;
A change of authorized treating physician will only be made if the Workers' Compensation Director finds that the services rendered have been unsatisfactory

Facts are, a injured worker doesn't have to allow a IME to just start and treat them. There are Rules and Laws on this also.

But, what makes it even worse, is to sit there and just believe anything this doctor tells them. And believe it all. Way, way too strange of thing I have ever seen before.

I even find more stranger that such Attorney is just going to sit on their hands and allow this to take place like this.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
As I understand this Bummer's personal physician diagnosed the carpel tunnel, she paid for the surgery on her own. How is it now all of a sudden that WC is treating that hand that a surgeon worked on that they didn't authorize or diagnose?

The visit did follow more of an IME, as an exam for a first time pt. How is it that he also had the reports of your neurosurgeon that you saw earlier this month? Didn't you pay for that also from your own pocket? Your own insurance? How did he have those reports? Did your lawyer authorize those reports to be sent to him? Did WC have authorization to obtain those reports?

I was the by-stander here, taking notes, talked less than a half a dozen times.
Bad Boy my primary care physican sent me for the Emg/Nct.

My attorney filed in court in 2008 on the hand.

My hand became worse and I started to loose the use of the hand.
Surgery was 2/10 and I paid for the surgery using my personal health insurance.

Bodybuilder did the doctor today say he was seeing me for an IME appointment?
No, treatment, that the IME had been changed to diagnose and treat. Those were the doctors words, that he had received a phone call from a lawyer. But that's unusual as well, it usually takes a written document. WC docs usually don't dot anything without a written order.

I think when you see your lawyer next week that you ask him straight up what was going on
You very correct BodyBuilder, a written report is the norm before a doctor would do anything. That is done to insure payment would be made. Now lets look at something. How much money the doctor would have gotten performing an IME Vs going to treat and exam. There is a huge difference in money here being lost by the doctor. You really think this doctor went through all this to loose those big bucks without a form of information way ahead of time? Come on... Bummers attorney had to know also.... Attorney just isn't saying anything is all... What is worse, you 2 were there and just took this doctor's word for it all, without a single piece of information to provides you's 2 while there showing any of this is ture or not. Very, very strange thing went on there today. Something I have never seen or heard of before in my life time... Guess there always has to be a first though somewhere along the line....
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Thanks BB

I would imagine the doctor had a fax confirming the phone call.

I would not be suprised if a fax was sent this afternoon to our attorney's office and he had not received it yet when I spoke to him. He had my file while I was on the phone with him and went over some recent happenings with me.

In the past my attorney's office staff e-mails me with attachements any communications from the insurance company. Didn't receive anything today.
Bummer, come on, this doctor you seen today went from making $$$$thousands to only a couple of hundred dollars, as quick as a phone call could take place. Please, it surely didn't just take place that way. As this doctor was going to loose all that money from a IME payment. This was done before hand and in advance, and I would also think your attorney knew all about it, but isn't telling you so.

These things just do not happen like this Bummer.

Yeah they got a Fax like a week or 2 ago more like it, not today...
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

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