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Son's college
My son tested out of his Catia class today 3 weeks early with a 4.0. He still has a semester to go but it looks like he'll maintain that 4.0 for every subject.

This means that M-F we'll be done by 11:45 and no more going to WSU. I'm so proud of him, what he doesn't know is that my husband has $100. waiting for him on Saturday morning.

woooooo hooooooo tell him how proud of him we all are
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Do I get to meet him tomorrow?
Yes you do but be for-warned, he's not a friendly person, talkative but it's on his level.

Let me re-phrase that, he's friendly but it's on a different level. Just agree with what ever he says. He won't answer personal, family questions unless he knows you personally. He's been known to get rude if he's asked, don't know where he got that from

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