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The Fun Continues (Gonna Write a Soap Opera )
So as we left off in my last thread, all three computers had gone kaput, and I had just gotten mine back from the shop. Randy's went to the shop (less than 16 months old) and we got the call that all his files were corrupt and that his hard drive was toast. No way to even get one piece of saved info off of it.

Wednesday afternoon, I received a call from an ortho in Richardson, TX... I had been approved by WC to go and see him for an examination only. I scheduled to be there the next day at 10:20 AM. A round trip of 284 miles later and I had a scrip for an NSAID and a 2nd appointment to go and get a ESI in my shoulder if approved by WC.

Friday, I spent the day shopping for a new puter for Randy, which Nate and I picked up at Sam's after he got out of school. As we were loading it into my car, my cell rang. It was Randy. Where are you and what are you doing ?? His car wouldn't start and he needed me to come and get him. Luckily I was only 5 minutes away. We get home, call his mobile mechanic who went and checked out the car. Two hours, $135.00 and a new battery later and his car was back in the driveway.

Yesterday morning, I was informed by my mom that one of my favorite Aunts had passed away on Sunday. Her obituary read that she had passed on due to "experience in life". So very true and just the type of humor that she held right up until her passing. Won't be able to make her service as it is tomorrow in Utah.

This morning, I am taking Nate to school... and for the first time in over 25 years that I have been driving, I was behind the wheel of the car and had an accident ( never hit another car in all that time). I ended up rear ending the car in front of me (don't think we were going more than 15 mph) The other driver gets out of her car after a few minutes and says to me "You get on the phone and call 911 NOW!!!" When the police arrived, they had us move our cars into a nearby parking lot. One of the police officers asks me if I have a spare pen and to fill out a slip with all my insurance info while he fills out the other drivers form for her, as she stated that she couldn't speak, read nor write in english. (How the heck did she do this if she can't speak any english ???) She also refused to be treated by the ambulance crew.. which would have had to have been in english.

Little to no damage to either car, as it was done at low speed. No debris in the road from either car. Looking at mine, will maybe cost about $250.00 to take care of the bumper and the plastic decorative grill guard that covers my radiator. Which is good, as I only have liability insurance (doesn't cover damage to my car) and a $500 deuctible. (definitely going to change my insurance policy though to cover a few other things now)

Funny thing is, here in the Falls, unless it is a MAJOR accident, they don't even issue tickets or write police reports anymore. Will be interesting to see if the other driver claims against my insurance, and what she claims as damage to her car. She was driving a 1991 Accura that already had smoke coming out of the tail pipe before I hit her. I honestly don't think she should have a license after the radical behavior I saw while following her for about 8 or 9 blocks before the accident happened.

Any way .. I had my WC required IME this morning at 11. Will be interesting to see what the Dr has to say in his report, which he stated I will receive in no more than 7 days. Will be anxiousely awaiting the outcome, as this will decide whether they are going to allow me to be seen by Dr's outside of their network for continued care of my shoulder and arm.

For the moment, I am back at home and safe.. although getting a headache and starting to feel some pain in my back and left shoulder where the seatbelt grabbed hold as I jerked forward from the impact. Gonna go and lay down for a bit.

Hope y'all have a great day.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
Now wouldn't it be sweet irony if you were to buy a Lottery Ticket and hit the JACKPOT?! Wink
wow that saying when it rains it pours seems to be true in your case angel..sorry to hear you have been going through so much latley..you seem like a great person som im sure good times are coming for you and your family so just try to hang in there

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