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Update on my 360 lumbar fusion
When I was in that accident all I can remember was the plow in my view and a big bang and felt major pain like never had happen and I was totally Numb from head to toe.... And once I came to my senses and reality sunk in I knew I was hurt bad and can remember the blood running down my arm and dripping on the floor... ( sounds sick) .. Then I remember hearing the recue squad comming and then I blocked out untill I was at first hospital, where they allowed me to call my wife and talked for about 5 min. And then I woke up at a different hospital 22 days later.... They placed me in a coma and gave me some oustanding drugs to where I really dont remember the major pain..

I never saw a tunnel or a light when I flatlined but I can tell you the first time I was in some sort of room under water and there was an old man in there and he was very scrubby telling me to try harder..
the last time I was like floating over a building with alot of blue lights... It was a expierence that most that have flatlined never seen..

I am injured and work full time again, 7 days aweek and I owe it to to people.. God and a great reconstruction surgeon....

Now that I have babbled on, I will say this before I leave... I will never judge anyone about pain because every one habdles pain in thier own way....

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