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WC Dr. sold his soul and profession
After 3 months I finally got to see a orthopedic surgeon (supposedly, he says he is anyway) about my knee.. After a half hearted attempt to evaulate my injury (I only hope he read my MRI) he was more concerned about my quiting smoking (he was demanding a date i would quit) than he was about my injury.
Now dont get me wrong he has a fine facility in a building owned by the wc ins company but he didnt seem to care if my knee cap slips out of place. He actually almost accused me of lying about it and sent me back to work on light duty.
On the second visit he gave me a lecture about arthritis and how i couldnt blame wc on my injury comparing it to years in a suntan bed and suddenly getting skin cancer. He did give me knee brace this time and informed me that he couldnt be my Dr anymore since i didnt trust him.
This guy is a disgrace to his profession and probably one of the highest paid physicians on the wc payroll. He needs a picture of Donald Duck on his shingle.
Now what do i do?Tongue
well i have a really good surgeon actually 2 and before i went into any kind of surgery if not quit he wanted me to drastically cut back both of them and he even said that there are some dr's that wont preform any kind of surgery on someone who smokes bc for some reason it slows down the healing process...i too was shocked by that but once i read up on it a lil bit it made alot of sence...welcome to the forum im sure someone will be by shortly to reply to your post further
Now what do you do. Simple. Depends what State your in. Then you get another doctor. That simple. As you need one now anyways it seems.
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