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Recalls on the Stryker knee
The link that Bummer Knees gave you is a good one. Check your implant number with recall numbers.

You need to hire a lawyer, it's the only way you're going to get proper treatment and respect from the doctors. This is something I rarely say, I don't really care for lawyers but you need better care than what you're getting.


How do I get a list of the numbers that has a recall. I have all the numbers and some expire as early as next year? So i'm trying to get infomation,but every time I try and call STRYER it gives me a recording? Any phoene number you have might help me? Thank you CASSINOADDICT.
Cass what model of Stryler implant do you have?

You also might check one of the web sites of attorneys that deal with Stryker recalls.

Pm me if you would like me to send you a web address.
HI I'm b not sure what i have except that it sais it's a STRYER implant with number and experation dates. Like LOT#RLQ217 exp. 08/01/2012
LOT#OR58 EXp. 08/01/15-Lot#BDGY exp.04/01/15. Lot#DMOF exp.04/01/2115,LOT MHE2YL exp. 04/01/2015 and LOT #MHE2YL exp 0301/2014
He will not give me the name of the implant other then it's a STRYER? So how do i get it? any idears? Please let me no i
'm still waiting for a referral to see another orthopeadic surgeon.Rita

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