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Need an opinion on haircut
As my husband reminded me, every time there is a serious trauma I cut my hair, well this whole 'dad' thing has been a real good one. Not to mention the 'evil stepmother', their pastor paid her bail money. So it's been over 4 years since I last hacked it off a good one.

Bummer, you've seen me, know my face. So far of all the people I've asked only one has said no, it's not me. For those who haven't had the glorious opportunity of seeing my NOT charming face. I will tell you that I chose this one because this models (although not as cute as me, but definitely younger) face structure is IDENTICAL to mine. I'm having jaw surgery in Sept (they'll break the lower jaw and bring it out 6mm), the orthodontics so far have altered my lower face considerably, making my cheek bones stand out more.

So take a look, let me know. I plan outside of his death to go NOWHERE this weekend (okay, if hubby says my favorite 8-letter word SHOPPING)


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BB, I do the same thing, when I am down, I get a haircut and color. I had my hair cut almost like the picture on Mar 30. mine is longer on top so I can pull the bangs down. Go for it, I might copy it the next haircut.
it looks like it would be easy to keep up.....if you and your honey like it thats all that matters
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BB...I also do the same thing...makes me feel better....I have either had really short hair or waist length hair all my life...now it's cut just like the picture but mine doesn't look like that in pictures just in person because my hair is dark and you can't see the texture in pics.....go for it.....it's easy upkeep...makes a statement and looks nice and neat.......I think it goes back to the days when ladies wore hats.....they probably bought a new one when they were down in the dumps...Be well...prayers are still there.
I like the cut, I really think it would look fine on you.

It's your decision, is this a cut you will feel comfortable with.
I've had my hair this short before and I enjoyed it. My husband prefers long hair, but you know, it's my hair. We had to come to a compromise, I'll probably get it cut in a day or two.

Thank you all!!!
i wish a thousand times i had my long hair back !!!!
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