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Told ya she,s be back
Well My effort,s paid off,,,,,Told ya she couldn,t stay away,,,,Welcome home Princess.
AKA Sexy Voice...
Let,s also thank (and give a BIG HUG to Tuffy), Good Job Tuffy.
Hey Tuffy ,let,s get together and gang up on a couple of NCM,s .
I Just Love when a Plan Work,s out.
On The Road to Recovery
grundig...thanks so much for finding our "princess". It was good to know she is doing well and gettin gher life together.

Grandma....You're the best.Wink

I don't deserve it but thanks guys!. Geena's mommy is a very caring person and I can relate to how hard it is to go through all she is induring,with being a single mom as I to raised 2 sons alone, then being injured and feeling that no one cared, You tend to wear your emotions on your shirt sleeve, and that is tough.
You at times feel you have no one to tell your troubles to and no one is there for you. But you still have the life of another in your hands and don't know where or if you can take care of them and are in pain, with no income and feel you do not have any way out of the situation, and all your feelings get mixed up. You become very emotional and lash out at anyone and any thing, and just want to cry all the time. And no one seems to care. It is so hard for others to understand unless they have been there.

So I just want to open my arms, infold Princess ,and hold her tight, tell her everything will work out, she is cared about! And let the tears flow.
Tuffy you are so wonderful. I am glad that you were there for princess. I guess she will never live her name down will she. She will always be the princess of the forum, but I do like her new name...tells a lot about her relationship with her little one. Thanks to both of you. I am so glad she is back and to know that she is ok. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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