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Guess who I ran into??
Red and Dell........Had lunch with them this afternoon......wonderful, wonderful people and company......Smile
oh I am so glad you had a good time........
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Cap even before I read your post I guessed who it was, LOL How are they and did you get to see a picture of that new grandaughter? She couldn't find it when we got together. Sounds like you had a nice time.....Where did you meet????.
I also guessed who.

Glad you got together.
Grandma...I did see the pic of the new baby...Lord is she beautiful....Red took Pics.....I don't know when she'll post them....I don't take them because I look nothing like me in most of them....hate them....I hope to see you and several others in the fall.... need to know wher eexactly we're going so I can plan this road trip....we're planning on taking 2 days to get there and 2 to get home since it's the other end of the state from us.......let me know what end of PA we're staying in when you know....should be fun....I've been around reading..not much to say.....no point....no fun.....no one seems to need help and I think that's what this forum was all about....so I just read....and then go to FB...Wink
cap, I know you were not posting to me, and not tring to bud in on your posts.. But I just wanted to share, I also come on here every day. Now weather I post any thing, but I sure do like to read and if able I try to give my input.. Now Politics and me dont mix for I'm not up to speed on that topic. But like you said here then to FB, if I'm on my puter I am on here or on FB, I am hooked on many of thier games and I keep intouch with family and friends all over the world....

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