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wc and summer job
my doc told me i can do things but will not be able to because my leg will get tired, have appt coming up afraid he will tell me i have stress fractures and arthritis, and put more limits on me, my ankle is still swollen a little, but really does not bother me as far as what i want to do, have no after effects of running being on my feet etc, but am terrified of doctor and wc since they have the power not me,i feel comfortable doing what i am doing

Footster Wrote:
mhl Wrote:
1171 Wrote:
mhl Wrote:i suffered a wc injury 12/28/09. i was on light duty at that job and working my regular job all winter. i am now at full duty at the wc job, but that job is ending for the season. my last dr visit said i had not reached full recovery and impairment was undetermined. what do i have to tell my summer employer about the wc claim.

also i have hardware in my leg that i am told can be removed if it bothers me. who decides if it bothers me enough to be covered by wc, and how long do i have to decide if i want it out. i am in NH.

i am also looking for info on having a plate and screws on my fibula and running and stress riser fractures.

you have to stay within your medical restrictions; so let your employer know what they are.
medical websites like webmd and merck can offer better medical information then an insurance site.

I do not have any written restrictions, dr keeps telling me my leg will be tired but i am not feeling it, have run 7 and biked 16 miles in last 3 days, but my form says i have not reached full recovery.

You have run 7 and biked 16 miles in 3 days, but dr. says you aren't fully recovered???? Lucky you! I haven't been able to do more than very short walking in 7 years.


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