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If I move from one state to another
Since I have been on workman's comp,3 months now,my costs for rent have gone up.I have the opportunity to reduce my rent, but it involves moving just over the border into Ct.

I presently live in NY and just cannot afford it being a single mother.
Can I move into Connecticut without losing my comp. benefits?
yes, just make sure you can find a doctor who will honor NY comp benefits and do their reporting.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thank you for your quick response and thanks for the info.
Do I have to report to the comp people that I am moving?
depends,do you want your check sent to the right address also if you are just moving a few miles and can still see the docs in NY
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

That's another issue.......the doctor's are actually IN Connecticut that have been treating me.I live on the border and they are closer for me to get to.As far as where the check gets sent,yes,I would like it to follow me,but can get a P.O. box just inside the state line.Do you think they'll give me a hard time as far as the mailing goes? They've been dragging this out as if I like being out.......I do not.I want to get fixed up,herneated disc in my neck,ASAP and stop hurting,but now they want a second opinion with one of their vendors.They've already scheduled an appointment in 2 weeks.

Glad I found this site......you've been very helpful so far.
Thank you again
Dusk...make sure the carrier is aware that you're moving and everything should go smoothly for you. Good luck. And don't move yourself.Wink
Haha..Capricorn. I can barely lift anything,so yes,I will be asking some burley fellers for help on that end. Thank you
Big Grin That's why I said that , dusk...I can barely lift my tea cup....have to drag my laundry down the steps in a pillow case....MOVE......most of us here would cry just at the thought.....Best of luck to you.Smile
Believe me Capricorn.......I've cried both in pain and frustration more than I care to.
Loss of sleep,loss of sanity,they don't compensate you for that though,do they?
People at my job keep asking when I'm coming back and all I can tell them is,"I don't know".

I've always been strong in both body and spirit and a wrong twist with a weighty object ruined it all. Sad

You always flash back to, If I didn't pick that up,I'd be fine............
spilled milk?
Ugh...........but thank you for the well wishes and go easy on the laundry.
That's all it takes....mine was coming on for years. This injury was 5 body parts......3rd lumbar injury.....2nd knee......2nd ankle.....1st shoulder and 1st neck...it was a domino effect.......did the job I was doing a million times and my body just collapsed....I was denied....won....and settled.....retired....loving it.....no they don't conpensate you or give a rat's behind about your tears or pain or the fact tha t most of us loved our jobs and miss them.

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