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Big Grin Same to you my friend.....we are finally done until the crowd gets here tomorrow......I'm taking the rest of the day off....been running all week..can't wait to kiss those grandchildren....miss them so much while they're in school......it's so hard to get together for lack of time on THEIR part.....LOL 7 and 10 and I have to make appt. already.Smile
Off to sunrise services and then home to spend a quiet day alone. Was asked to my sisters in Wisconsin,but with my eyesite what it is, Had to say no. I have a ham etc and will enjoy my dinner. Grandaughter is 15 and the Easter Bunny is no longer in her life, she will be spending Easter with her other grandparents.
happy easter tuffy and cap..enjoy those grandchildren all you can tomm cap..hope you gals have a blessed day
happy easter all... going to bed... and then to church in the morning easter egg hunt at noon, then a potluck and away we go.... happy easter tuffy cap and inpainokla Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Have a safe trip Red and enjoy all along the way....

inpaininok....same to you ...i have the bunny kisses all ready to go...Smile
lol cap...have a safe trip red
Ham is in the crockpot...corn cassorole in the oven with acorn squash...the kids easter eggs have been turned into develed eggs...iced tea is made..and for dessert strawberry shortcake......all is good happy Easter everyone
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

mmm that sounds like the best meal ever..id be so fat if i lived near you jayne
Easter turned out to be a fun time after all, Went to sunrise services then home into jeans and up to my mom's, Met up with one of my sisters and her grandson, as my other sister ( from Wisconsin ) had a change in plans, to attend a funeral in Chicago on Sat, Her stepson passed away in Tenn and was sent home for burial.

We enjoyed Ham, ,awgraten potatoes, scalloped corn several different salads, rolls German choc cake with fresh whipped cream and coffee. I got mom a beautifull Easter Lilly, She loves live plants.....And we had plenty of Jelly Beans LOL

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