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kept from job transfer
If I applied for a job with a sister company and they call my supervisor does my supervisor have the right to deny my chance for the new position? I really don't enjoy my job or the environment hoping it would be different with the other company. She says it is because I am too valuable which is true because I am their most efficient employee, but I don't want to be working where I am anymore and they don't treat me like I am valuable. There are also no other opportunities for advancement except a transfer to a different company.

Does the sister company have to comply with my supervisors wishes?

I thought it would be like applying to any other job, why can she deny my right to choose a different job?
I am not sure you are in the right place. This forum is generally for people dealing with work place injuries. Have you been injured?

We don't know your company's policies on transfers. Otherwise, I would think the sister company will do what they believe is best for them. Unfortunately for you, your supervisor could torpedo it if she says unkind things about you.
Sorry, I am not physically injured. I just feel that they are treating me unfairly. I am worried she could keep doing this just to keep me from leaving all together, and I can't afford to quit. I feel that she is using the lack of jobs to her advantage and hate feeling used.
As far as I know they have not shared with the employees their transfer policy, so I was wondering if there were any laws to protect me from this.

I was actually afraid she would try something like this but others didn't think she would.
im sure if someone can aswer your question they will so just hang in there..AND WELCOME TO THE FORUM..most ppl here are very friendly
Talk to a union representative to find out what the transfer policy is in the bargaining agreement. If you are not part of a union, talk to someone in your H/R dept. to find out the policy.
Let Go, and Let God......

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