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just a note
sugery is over and now am in dialysis, more later.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Just talked to her, she is still in dialysis, said her arm is sore, her leg where they took the vein (groin area) is still numb. Will call when she gets home this evening.
She is looking forward to our trip Wed to meet Red and family.
That's Great News Tuffy, Thanks!! My God that Girl has My Respect, She has been Through so Much and just Keeps on Going!!!Smile Please Give Her My Best!!Wink
STILL, She is a real trooper, is looking forward to seeing you and a few others this Fall. I hope you and Ellen are saving your pennys for the Casino LOL I have a nickel saved......... Will be making some plans for SEPT/OCT after she gets over this bout. Nothing seems to get her down for long, and she is up and running again....... I love that girl..........
Ellen and I are Looking Forward to the Visit!!Smile

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