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Road Trip.
Smile Tongue Well my bags are packed and ready to go, as the words of the song.
Won't be long now, 8 days and we hit the road to meet up with Red and Del, and Reds parents, RNvic and son John, friend Gail has taken off work to join us,
The countdown has started. So looking forward to seeing them again.
My camera batterys are charged, and will be taking lots of pictures. I know Del and Vic's son love photography. So watch for the pictures of our get together and there trip. They have plans of meeting up with others also, along with family,,,,,,,,,,

If any one else wants to meet us, there is still time.......

Admin, You could fly from Ft Myers to Rockford on Allegiant or Direct Air and we can pick you up at the airport LOL Only an hr's drive to the State Park from Rockford......
Remember the date Wednesday April 7th @ Starved Rock State Park just off I-80 in Utica Illinois. All are Welcome.
Have fun, and be safe!
Hi all... Tuffy... thanks for starting this thread. I was going to ... as soon as I have one more contact down in terms of time and place. Bummer...I never did email you as too if you were truly interested in meeting us in Salina for lunch or dinner one day. I think I know when we will be there now. However.. the day will be mother's day which may not be a good day for you at all. We may stay an extra days at my dad's sisters house if it meant a difference in seeing you or not. I would love to see you and your husband .... tell him hi for me. Here is my agenda as I know it now...

April 4 Sunday after noon after Easter service and dinner at the church with my family, mom, dad, Del, and I will be in a motor home, hauling dad's truck, heading east.

April 5 Rock Springs Wy Monday

April 6 Omaha Nebraska...Tuesday which will leave about a 5-7 hour trip to Stave Rock IL..... Tuffy do not worry... the GPS will be monitored by Del and Dad they will get us there... I will stay in the back and sew or do something else...like rest... lol

April 7 Stave Rock IL with Tuffy, Gail, RNvic, and John... I can't wait to see all of you. It will be a treat that is for sure. We are going to BBQ Chicken mom is making bread for the trip, baked potatoes, home canned green beans, and I believe that RNvic is making a dessert, and Tuffy is bringing the chicken...

April 8, Thursday ...we will leave around 1- 2 pm after a breakfast... and time to visit withour friends at Stave Rock. Tuffy thanks so much for making this happen for me. It means so much.

April 8 that night we will drive for about 6 hours which will take us to Ohio and close to the PA border. Then the 9th on Friday... woohoooooooooo I get to hug my grand kids... yeah...I miss them so much. Of course I will get to see my daughter and son also....they are missed but grandkids are my delight right now... love them so much can't wait. We are staying in NJ with my daughter until the 29th which is a Thursday.. so we will be there for 3 weeks. yawhoo....

Cap we will get together while we are there. Chris has to leave on the 14th for the west coast for some more training and will not return until after we are gone so my time with Sabrina and the baby .... Elianna Kassiani... will be short lived.. sad but will recover... however... I would love to have lunch with you some time any time.. you name the time and place. Del will have to bring me in but he can go see some old buddies are something while we have lunch and visit and then maybe we can set a date for all 4 of us to have lunch... you are a angel as you know... love you and can't wait to see you and meet

I miss Vickinate... where is she anyway...I have not see her... I will have to call her today..,. before we leave...

Then we leave on the 29th and will travel to TN to visit with Del's aunt and uncle. His grandmother who was 97 years young died recently and we were going to visit with her but missed our opportunity so we are still going to visit with his aunt and uncle... then on the 30th Friday we will arrive in GA at Sweet tooth's and skeeters... yeah... my mom and dad loved them too...they met them in Tulsa last year when we moving out here.... we are staying at Sweet tooth's until Monday morning and will leave heading toward OK.

MJC is not going to be home ... she has a fun trip planned right at that time so we are going to go up through Rock Springs AR...over to OK and camp with Bill and jayne for a couple of days.... jayne I will send you a pm ok...however, we will be there the night of the 6th on Tuesday and we will stay until we go to dad's sisters on that Saturday morning... so we can be there for 3 days..yahoo..... I hope you feel better and all is well so we can all meet up...this would be great...I am trying to talk sweet tooth and skeeter into following us to there....and camping also. I sure hope so. It would be great. Then we are going to north by Tulsa to visit my dad's sister... and then will leave there on Sunday the 9th which is mothers day. Bummer this is why I know we will be in Salina that evening of the 9th. Let me know what you think and maybe I can arrange something more convienent. I would love to visit with you also. Then we will travel I70 w to Denver then head north and pick up I80 W in Wy to I 84 in UT..and through Idaho to eastern Oregon and over the hills to get home.... we will past by Crater Lake and Diamond Lake, Bend, Burns, etc to get home.... we expect to be back by the 12th... and will have covered 7290 miles. Wow.. I guess I have traveled east and west a time or two but this will be a trip of a life time. Thanks to everyone who is making it happen for all of us. My mom and dad loved all of you so much in Tulsa and thanks for making them feel special as you all did.

Again thanks Tuffy... my hands are dead now... wow..I am back writing way to much again... love Red

The only week end or day that I know will be a famiy day has been changed from the 17th to the Sunday before... we are having a easter day late with the family... on easter I always made easter baskets for my kids, colored eggs, had a BBQ etc... hopefully the weather will be ok... so the kids can have fun finding easter eggs. They really love to find the kind that have money in them. LOL
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red I will talk to my husband and get back with you tomorrow.

I really would like to meet with you again, I hope it works out!
Have a wonderful time my friend, take lots of pictures and come home safely.

Red....just let me know...I will PM you my phone # and make sure I keep as much of the time you're here open .......you and I having lunch and then the 4 of us doing something sounds great to me.....I won't drive into Jersey myself.....I don't like crossing bridges when someone else is driving so maybe when the 4 of us meet up we can do it in the city.....like a mid point between the two of us...what part of Jersey are you staying in....? Can't wait!Big Grin
Hi Red

Mother's Day will not work for me as I will be in Wichita that day.
Lost my father-in-law in the fall and I need to be with my mother-in-law that day.

I am open the day before and the days after Mother's Day.

Love ya,
Bummer Knees
I Hope You All have a Very Safe and Enjoyable Trip and Meetings!!Wink
Lets hope the weather holds here, will be almost 80 here today. It usually is cold and rainy for Easter in this neck of the woods. But if all else fails we can always eat at the lodge. or head for Mickey D's ROFL. We are just counting down the days.
RNvic and I are planing a trip this fall into PA to see our fellow members, looking forward to that trip also and the beautifull Fall colors .
Will see you all in a few days...............Tuffy

PS BBBB, We will miss seeing you.
HI all.... Bummer... let me see what I can do ok...I would love to see you. It maybe from NJ before I have more clear of an answer.

Cap... we are open. We know Philadelphia well because we lived on the Navy base on the ship yard from 1990-1995... and I worked at Methodist moonlighting for most of those years. There are several nice places in Phila we can find something there and that will make it easier on you and your husband. I will call you as soon as I arrive ok.... so we can set a date etc. What is your favorite resturant? There are a lot of dinners for a lunch for just the two of us if you want or we can do something alittle more up scale ..... just let me know. We will be staying in Somerdale NJ. I will send you my cell phone number ok.

Tuffy..please keep the weather there at 80 that sounds great....can't wait to see you all.... wow this will be a wonderful trip... love you Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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