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Good news I guess
Good morning everyone....time for an update ...finally.... Bill has no cancer or infection in his femur or hip replacement but does have a fractured femur.......ouch! Dr. said it will take about a year for the bone to re-grow and heal so I guess the pain will be here with it. He sees his oncologist on tuesday so we really feel he will still be cancer free and back to seeing him every 3 months.....now we have to pray for him to be a survivor completely.

My grandaughter's x-ray and MRI have shown nothing and yet she still continues once or twice a day to have this horrible back spasm that sends her screaming all over the house....along with this sweating has started and she feels as if she has to go to the bathroom....bowels and bladder......I'm now wondering if she was constipated ......strained and pulled a muscle in her back.....we have no answers and the child suffers....she's only 7.

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Good news I guess - capricorn - 03-06-2010, 08:39 AM
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