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well, I guess it's happened "Addiction"
Are you saying you feel impaired on the meds ? Hydrocodone will certainly do that as it is a short acting drug which should NOT be taken on a regular basis when you are already using the Fentanyl patch. Only as a rescue dose.

THis may not apply to you but is soooo commonplace that it must apply to someone here so going to write it as an as an FYI.

There is a currently a teaching objective going on in the pain literature in response to what is being described as the over-prescribing of America, referring to narcotics, the biggest cost increase in workers comp over the last 15 years.

Articles are being written for physicians to educate them that chronic pain best practices, ( and legally safest ) does include and encourage opiates when indicated in long acting, sustained release form in addition to what are called adjvent medications such as the Cymabalta's, gabapentins,etc. and sparing use of anti-depressents since there is no medical evidence they work for most of the conditions they are being prescribed for, another matter altogether. The articles are politely condemning the widespread practice of prescribing a hundred or two hundred short acting opiates written for "every 4 hours as needed" due to the fact that patients then take al of them, one very four hours as the Dr. prescribed, when they are supposed to be used as a rescue dose, maybe 3-4 times per week IF, and that is the key word, the baseline long acting opiate dose is sufficient to actually treat the pain.

The point of the articles and editorials to prescribing physicians is that if all of the short acting meds are gone by the end of the month and are being taken three to four times per day then you add that converted opiate equivalent to the long acting as THAT is the patients opiate requirement to function.

Patients are harmed, and Dr's are then potentially liable, by the reliance on regular scheduled use of short acting break through meds because they are impairing and also promote addiction behaviors ( more drug seeking) when compared to the proper dosing of long acting opiates.

every satte is faced with this problem and it is also dovetailing with the Louisiana study demonstrating that 2.7 % of the comp Dr.s account for 72 % of the costs of the comp system, many of whom are dispensing meds.

Sorry for the hijack and another rant about "pain" Drs.

freebird Wrote:
Cycler Wrote:YOU ARE not addicted, physically dependent but not addicted at also prove the point that opiates in long acting form are not particularly impairing, only the short acting ones.

All I can judge is myself and my physical/mental state. I do not trust all the opinions on the Internet when it comes to prescription drugs or how a particular car is rated.

I want to take as ittle as possible to give me quality of life.

Anyway..... good thread.

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