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How long should it take to get back a foot specialist report?
I live in California: I went to foot specialist 12-10-09, went to Chiro wed. and I asked if he had the results back yet he asked me when i went, I wasn't sure at that time, his office is so unorganized, and when I ask him questions it seems he does not have any answers, I asked him when I would be able to go to a pain man. Dr. he said we had to wait for foot specialist report is this so? I also asked for walker, I have CRPS, I think the crutches are giving me spasims in my back and my under arms hurt when I use them, lately my body feels so week, is this common? I have a really hard time putting weight on my right foot.
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How long should it take to get back a foot specialist report? - Sunshine7 - 01-07-2010, 02:47 PM

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