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Mandatory settlement conference but why?
What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference?
The first time you go to workers' compensation court, known as the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, it will probably be for a Mandatory Settlement Conference or "M.S.C."

The law requires a conference with all parties present prior to trial. The parties are required to attempt to settle the case but if they cannot they are required to agree what issues exist. For instance, might agree that you were injured and disagree over the extent of your disability.

Attendance at the conference is "mandatory." It is not mandatory that we settle the case, only that we try to. Sometimes, this will be the first time that anyone from the insurance company has seriously looked at the case in terms of settlement. Some insurance adjusters have responsibility for hundreds of cases and just cannot get around to each one until they are forced to.

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RE: Mandatory settlement conference but why? - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 12-20-2009, 08:57 PM

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