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Need info on medicine foot specialist gave me yesterdayPLEASE!
He prescribed me Gabapentin 600 MG Tablet, He said he "Thinks I have "Chronic Regional Pain" wants me to take 3 tablets a day for 30 days and go back to see him, I took my first tablet at 5pm last night around 8pm. my whole foot felt like it was on fire with negative and positive wires hitting each other and running from my big right toe, all over my foot, up my right leg to my lower back, My foot hurts worse sense I have been taking these pills, I called left message at foot specialist they haven't called me back, I am running a fever of 100.4, I feel the foot specialist is wrong on his diagnoses, can anyone give me info please? The foot specialist flicked a nerve on the right side by my knee, he asked me if it went up or down I couldn't tell, he did it again I still couldn't tell, did it for the third time I told him I wasn't sure but I think the pain went down, what if I was wrong, If I was wrong what does that mean? I really don't want to take this medicine any more. thanks again! LIVE IN CALIFORNIA.
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Need info on medicine foot specialist gave me yesterdayPLEASE! - Sunshine7 - 12-11-2009, 07:42 PM

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