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Results of my MRI Findings
At the first metatarsophalangeal joint, a fluid collection is noted arising from the dorsal aspect of the joint. No distinct joint capsule is identified traversing the fluid. A joint effusion is also seen at this location.
The alignment is within normal limits. The bone marrow signal is within normal limits. There is no evidence of fracture. The remaining visible joints are within normal limits. The tendons are continuous without mass disruption or abnormal signal. The posterior tibial, superficial and deep peroneal nerve is normal in size and signal. The remaining are within normal limits. Impression: Fluid arising from the first metatarsophalangeal joint with a joint effusion. The dorsal capsule is not clearly identified. This may be indicative of a tear of the capsular bibers. Clinical correlation is recommended. I have a friend that is a nurse and she explained to me i have internal bleeding in my foot and they can't find out where it is coming from, my friend the nurse told me I should request, ask for a 2nd apinion from a muscular doctor, Nerve test is not in yet hope to find out 11-11-09
Please give me your thoughts! when I went and seen the "foot specealest" he had his nurse push my right foot up to where it was soo extreemely painfull then he tapped it with white tape. MY friend said that is why i have a tear and the bleeding from themstrainning my foot that bad!
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