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What to expect in the court of appeals
I'm in Pa., and the Appeals Process is kind of Odd, but You May want to Check Yours, and See how Your State Does it. Here Both Sides have I Believe 45-60 Days to Prepare Their Appeal Paperwork, and then it is Sent to the Appeals Board, Consisting of 12 Judges. There are Oral Arguments Scheduled Usually 4 Months apart for My Area, and the Injured Worker is not Allowed in the Courtroom, I actually Stayed Home, there was no Reason for Me to be There. After that, it's Assigned to One Judge, who Thoroughly Goes over the Appeal, and Renders a Decision, then it's Sent around to the Other 11 Judges for Them to Either Sign Off on and Agree, or Pose a Different View, and the Majority of the Replies Wins, and a Decision is Made. it Takes Time, at least Here in Pa., but Hopefully Your Judge is Sympathetic to Your Case to a Point, if They Interjected to Allow You to Answer Your Question, They May See that Your attorney was Distracted. The Next Case must have been Either Much More Complicated, or there was More Money Involved! It's a Shame they Treated You that Way, but Let's Hope You don't have to Appeal!Wink

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